MTHS Class of 1986
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.
Please contact us with corrections.
Pamela Alig
Pete Alread
Kevin Bachler
David Bachman
Jacqueline Barnes
Brian Barnett
Alex Bekker
Todd Bernitt
Deana Bishop
Robert Brandow
Matt Breitbarth
Denise Bridges
Dora Burdette
Paul Call
Keith Caraway
Shelly Casey
Tonya Cash
Miguel Castro
Terry Clark
Heather Cleveland
Sandra Colorado
Susan Combs
Ronald Cook
Jenny Cripe
Bridgette Crum
Michael Curtin
Mike Danner
Thomas Darnall
Robert Davis
Drew Delany
Kerri Delap
Walter Dexter
Audra Dickson
Kip DuBois
Holly Duncan
Michelle Eaton
Mike Eckhoff
Douglas Eskins
Thomas Eytcheson
Rosario Faillace
Rodney Fandel
Tammie Fandel
Thomas Faulkner
Michelle Ferguson
Mike Foster
Lori Friederich
Daniel Funcannon
Jennifer Garber
Rich Geier
Keith Grove
Karen Gunzenheiser
Angela Halford
Wesley Heinold
Vicke Hunter
Tim Heinrich
Lynn Huffman
John Huser
Randall Jackson
Lindy Jewell
Beth Johnson
Steven Kaisner
Carleen Kapraun
Gerard Kapraun
Deb Kennel
Brian Keys
James Kiesewetter
Leslie Kildair
Stephanie Koch
Mike Koenig
Michelle Koenig
Scott Kouri
Kristie Kunkel
Karen Leavitt
Lanette Leitner
Sandra Long
Tammy Majerus
Brian Marchand
Bryan Marchand
Britton Marchese
Gina Martin
Warren Masters
Michelle McFall
Daniel McHugh
Joe McNear
Troy Michels
Curtis Mitzelfelt
Debbie Moore
Catherine Morbey
Joe Mullin
Troy Murphy
Sandra Nauman
Matthew Noll
Anita Olomon
James Olson
Todd Parkins
Timothy Pilcher
Brian Points
Dawn Polston
Amy Purfield
Paula Rainey
Gary Ramshaw
Thomas Remmert
Larry Robertson
Tim Rodgers
Brant Root
Mark Ryan
Robert Sasso
Angela Schaer
Julie Scheirer
Ron Scott
Nick Seckler
Gina Shay
Don Shepard
David Simmons
Andrea Skinner
Lisa Spradlin
Jill Springer
Theresa Staab
Ronda Stein
Eric Sulfridge
Carol Sullivan
Sherry Summers
Diane Thompson
Leif Trier
ShonE vans
Mona Verson
Lisa Vollrath
Karen Wells
Eric Wernsman
Jeff Wernsman
Jolene Wernsman
Jason Williams
Brian Withers
Melissa Wurters
Julie Zears
Gretchen Ziemer
David Zimmerman
Rhonda Zimmerman
Tamara Zimmerman

Madea Ziolkowski

Name: Michelle Geurink
Maiden Name: Alig
Class of: 1986

Address: 410 Elizabeth Pointe Drive, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: I graduated from The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy in 1991. The following year, John and I were married. John and I have 2 great kids: Lauren (1/16/96) and Nathan (1/20/04). I have spent all of my working life in different aspects of hospital pharmacy. We have been back in the Metamora area for just over 7 years.


Name: Heidi Honeck
Maiden Name: Bradshaw
E-Mail: hhoneck@hotmail.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 703 Oriole Lane, Plymouth, WI 53073

Name: Jani Daniel
Maiden Name: Clem
Class of: 1986
Address: 106 Berkner Lane, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-2404

Comments: I have been married for 11 years now to Tracy, and have four wonderful daughters, Jessi-10, Jami-7, Jacki-3 and Jodi-15 mo.(The J Crew)
I just retired after 12 years at Connor Co. in order to spend time with my family. I am enjoying life in the Metamora area, and plan on staying. I got basketball fever, coaching the 4th and 5th grade girls traveling team in Germantown. What a blast! Now we’re shooting for an actual school team in the future. We have to look out for those girls!


Name: Ellen Clore-Patron
Maiden Name: Clore
E-Mail: ellenpatron1@aol.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 2912 S Buchanan St., Arlington, VA  22206

Comments: Greetings, everyone, from Arlington, Virginia. I’m just 5 minutes from DC where I live with my husband, Noel, and son, Alexander (born in ’96). I received my BA from North Central, Master’s from the School of International Training and then quit my Ph.D. program midway through. I wrote for the World Bank for a year and then developed programs and proposals for an international non-profit for a couple more years. After being an active volunteer and stay-at-hom mom for 10 years, I’m now figuring out what to next…any ideas??? (Updated: 09/2009)


Name: Mechelle Crisler
Class of: 1986
Address: 21909 Granada Drive, Delavan, IL  61734
Phone: 309-244-7206

Comments: Hello All.  It’s been a long time since I have been in the Metamora area.  Never thought I would get back here and probably won’t stay too long.  Just another stop along the way.  After graduating went to Eastern and got my BS in Geology. Then went to Southern to get my MS in Geophysics.  That took me quite a while to do.  Worked for a company in Springfield, IL for 4 years as a geologist and traveled all over the US.  Decided it was time to settle down. Went back to school for computer programming and am now a mainframe programmer at Caterpillar in Human Resources.  I have no kids, never been married (thats in the works), but have two awesome dogs that live with my significant other south of Springfield.  Send me an email—would love to hear from ya.


Name: Michelle Solomon
Maiden Name: Day
Class of: 1986
Address: Miletree Road, Bayview Gardens, IL  61611
Phone: 309-573-1544(Updated: 08/2010)



Name: Kerri Downs
Maiden Name: DeLap
Class of: 1986
Address: 316 Timberlan Rd., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-3387

Comments Wow…can’t believe it’s been 20 years.  Yes, Chris and I are still married.  We have 3 children, Anthony (20), Collin (13) and Erika (9).  We live in Germantown Hills and love it.  Currently I have been working for North Central Illinois Laborers’ Health & Welfare Fund for 12 years in the Employers Contributions Department.  Chris has been working for Corporate Express for 5 years as an Office Supplies Delivery Driver.  Things are still staying very busy.  The kids are going all different directions and we just try to keep up.  Hope to see you around sometime.

Name: Troy D. Elbert
E-Mail: troyelbert@comcast.net
Class of: 1986
Address: 39 Drake Court, Bloomington, IL 61704

Comments: I am currently planning our 25th reunion. Please email me your contact information or look me up on Facebook! I hope to see you there! (Updated: 01/2011)


Name: Shon L McDaniel

Maiden Name: Evans
Class of: 1986
Address: 698 Fandel Road, Metamora, IL
Phone: 265-8441
Comments: I married Mark McDaniel in May 1988.  We are happily raising a family in our hometown of Metamora.  We have 3 children, Kayla (1989), Mark (1993), and Caitlin (1997).

Name: Janet Keeley
Maiden Name: Ferguson
E-Mail: janet@keeleywriting.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 2810 Wolff St., Denver, CO 80212
Phone: 303-433-1164

Comments: Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years. Crazy. I won’t be able to make the reunion, but I hope you all have a great time catching up. I’ve been living in Denver for 13 years now. Brendan and I eloped in Spain in 2003 after hiking across that country — The Camino De Santiago – 500 miles. That was definitely an unforgettable experience. I work for myself — as a marketing consultant. Drop me a line to say hello. I would love to hear what you’re up to!

Name: Karen Andrews
Maiden Name: Gunzenheiser
E-Mail: kk.andrews@frontier.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 2555 Farmington Ct., Lafayette, IN 47905

(Updated: 03/2013)


Name: Ramona Halverson
Class of: 1986
Address: 146 Fauber Lane, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-363-0696

Comments: Wow! Time really flies when your having fun! The kids are all grown up! The twins Christina and Cassadia will  be 25 in a few days! Sara and Amanda are kickin it in Arkansas working for Butterball. Sara just turned 26 and Amanda is 27. Matthew just turned 29 and is an Afganistan War Veteran, living in California working for Underwater Mountain Publishing. My one and only true love Larry and I have been back together since 2007. Larry survived two major heart attacks in November 2014, and is a tougher than ever!I am working for Kroger’s in Morton, IL as an FTD Master Floral Designer and Specialty Manager. I’ve had much success with Kroger with more great things to come!

Our only grandbaby Alannah just turned 6 and is a super kid!  I can’t wait for the next reunion!
(Update:  1/2016)

Name: Debbie Stewart
Maiden Name: Hamm
Class of: 1986
Address: 320 Whispering Oaks Dr., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-3040
Comments: Looking forward to seeing old friends!!!! I am still living in Germantown Hills with my husband Jim and I have been married 19 years. Jessica is 16 and a Junior and David is 15 and is a Freshman at Metamora. So fun to see them having fun where I made my own High School memories!!! I opened my own Clothing Boutique in Peoria Heights called, “A Perfect Pear Boutique!!! I am so excited to be working for my self!! If you need a cute outfit for our big weekend, come in and see me for a great look.

Name: Michelle Crawford
Maiden Name: Happ
E-Mail: buckcrawford@msn.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 6407 E. Dallas Pl., Broken Arrow, OK 74014
Phone: 918-520-5117

Comments: 20 years?! Are you supposed to have memory loss by this age? I think I need to dig out my yearbook. This has been great to read up on so many of you. I moved to Tulsa, OK in summer of 1987 to attend Oral Roberts University, but due to some circumstances could only attend 1 year. However, stayed in Tulsa where I met my husband of 15 years, Buck. We have had our own business since April 1991. I am proud to say I have 2 lovely children, Logan, 10 and Lacey, 7. So glad to finally reconnect, and hope to see you all soon.

Name: Dan Hargis
E-Mail:  danhargis0308@gmail.com
Class of: 1986

(Updated: 09/2015)

Name: Vicki Walker
Maiden Name: Hunter
E-Mail: vicki_walker_728@comcast.net
Class of: 1986
Address: 1217 E. Locust St., Canton, IL  61520

Comments: Hey Everyone! Wow it has been so long since high school. I have a wonderful 10 year old son, Jaron. He is my life! I graduated Midstate college in ’92 and ICC in ’06. I am a Occupational Therapy Assistant and love my job. I have lived in so many different places since h. s. I’m now living in Canton it’s a good place to raise my son with good schools. I’ve been divorced since ’03 but I’m currently in a good relationship with Alan. It’s interesting to see on here where everyone is living and how our lives have changed since h.s. (thank God) 🙂 (Updated: 08/2012)

Name: Lori Huser
E-Mail: lah8868@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 1796 Center Street, Cazenovia, IL 61545a

Name: Dena Jenkins
E-Mail: denajenkins@mac.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 914 West Moss Avenue, Peoria, IL 61606
Phone: 309-676-1867

Comments: What a great find! It was fabulous to read up on what everyone has been up to since ’86. As for me, I’m still single, no kids, and living in Peoria (after a short time in Atlanta). I have been an Art Director for national magazines for the last 10-12 years and love my career. I now freelance Art Direct out of my home office with a great view of downtown and lots of freedom. When not working, I enjoy traveling. I’ve been to Europe 5 times in the last 2 yrs and hope to move there someday.  I have recently decided to go back to school to finish my BA, so I plan to be in the area until that’s completed, but not much longer. I can’t wait to see everyone at the 20 year reunion, it should be fun.

Name: Tammy Stetler
Maiden Name: Johnson
E-Mail: tamjo68@glastel.com
Class of: 1986
City: Glasford, IL   61533

Comments: Hello…looking forward to the 20th reunion. I’m divorced with 2 children, Jake (1989) and Molly (1994). I am the Village Clerk/Treasurer for the village of Glasford. I keep pretty busy with my kids and their sports and activities. Hope to see everyone at the reunion.


Name: Terri Jones-Sniff
Maiden Name: Jones
Class of: 1986
Address: 547 N. Main, Morton, IL  61550

Comments: Hey guys!  I hope everyone is doing well! I have been extremely busy the past 14 years since grad.  I am married to Mike Sniff(class of ’83) and we have 3 children.  Andrew (Drew) was born in ’90.  Tyler was born in ’92. Allyssa Noel (Ally) was born in ’95.  The boys are very involved in sports and cub scouts. Ally is in tap and tumbling. (She’s gonna be a pom-pom girl when she gets big- her words!)  I am a dental hygienist for 3 dentists right now. I work 1 day in Bloomington, 2 days in Lincoln and 2 days in Peoria. I’d love to hear from anyone!  And remember, it’s not worth doing if you can’t have fun!


Name: Anna Alvarez
Maiden Name: Kemple
E-Mail: beloved_4beloved@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986Comments: We finally bought our first home. We moved in last May. It has already been a year! Wow, time really flies fast here in the Midwest. My hubby and I thought it would be the opposite after moving here from California, but in fact, time seems to go slower in CA. Belvidere surprisingly is a cute and quaint town. Still trying to get use to all the open land on everyone’s property. It almost looks similar to Metamora (and a bunch of other little towns). Sorry, we never made it to the 20-year reunion. We have good reasons, and boy was it well worth it. Did anyone take pictures of the event? Would love to see all the ’86 “aging” Alumni I mostly grew up with. Maybe it’s on a URL….?


Name: Kim Dixon
Maiden Name: Klepfer
E-Mail: kimdixon@mtco.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 211 Bittersweet Ave., Metamora, IL   61548Comments: Hello everyone!  I am looking forward to the 20 year reunion.  I moved back to the Germantown area a couple of years ago.  My daughter Kelsey will be a freshman at MTHS and a football cheerleader. My dad always said pay backs were you know what! My son Andrew is 11 and going into 6th grade.  He loves all sports so I keep pretty busy between the two of them.  I am still working at National City Bank as an AVP in Small Business and work out of my home. I still enjoy all the summer activities on the water and have taken up golf…I’m addicted now.  I hope to see a lot of you in a couple of months!

Name: Mic Pinchek
Maiden Name: Koenig
E-Mail: peak_in@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 1102 Tumbleweed Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45140

Comments: Hola to everyone! I am still in Cincinnati and never plan on moving back. I love it here…close enough to drive for BIG events and far enough away not to deal with everyday family issues! Married 11 years (Good God!) Two adorable boys’ ages 6 and 2. Been running my own personal training business for 11 years, trying to postpone the inevitable changes that come along as we approach 40 by working out everyday. Haven’t played hoops since I blew out my knee playing b-ball when I was 6 months pregnant with my youngest. I have learned my lesson….I think!

Name: Melinda Lapham
Maiden Name: Luke
E-Mail: melinda.lapham@valornet.com
Class of: 1986
City: Tulsa, OK

Comments: Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! I have been living in the Tulsa area since graduating from Western Illinois University. I have been married to Neil for almost 11 years now and we have two girls, Cori (13) and Macy (6). I am still in the oil & gas business working as a marketer for a production company. We stay very busy between work, children, soccer, etc… I really enjoyed our 10 year reunion and hope to see you at the 20!

Name: Richard Mangold
Class of: 1986
Address: 4097 N. Thompson Rd., Columbia, MO 65202

Comments: Married 4 years as of October (2006).  NO children, yet.  Married an Missourian and she does not want to leave the state.  I moved after finally graduating 1999 with BS in elementary Ed. and found it was not for me.  Middle school I should have gone for, but that is ok.  Missouri is more stringent and take to many more year. Anyway, Lived in St. Charles for several years till I was married to Tammy Linhardt & moved to Columbia.  Presently working at Scholastic.  Do we remember those books as kids – yea thats me taking taking teachers order. To network, anyone seeing this, I am looking for work closer to home in or around Columbia. I commute 40-45 miles one way. I am involved with Church and community activities. Primarily volunteer work the Thrivent Financial, Boone county chapter as Vice President. If interested in more, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to share.


Name: Roger Martin
E-Mail: Rmartin0159@cs.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 1500 W Blue Sage Dr., #1316, Peoria, IL   61615
Phone: 309-253-7303Comments: I stumbled onto this site while looking for acreage around Metamora.  This site is a great idea.  Has it really been almost 20 years???  Anyway, I went to ICC for 2 years before completing my BA at UIS in Criminal Justice.  I worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Peoria County for 11 years.  I served 7 years of that time as a K9 Handler with an amazing partner named “Elch”.  During that time I spent time in Denton, Texas and Eberhahn, Germany.  I’m currently a Detective with the Peoria Police Department investigating everything from juvenile crime to homicides.  I’m still single, although I tried the marriage thing for a couple of years. I’d still love to raise a family someday.  I work with other MTHS grads…Ron “Scott” Cook, and Beth “Hawks” Hermacinski.  My folks still live in “town”, and as soon as I find the right place, I’ll be back where I come from.  Feel free to contact me and take care!


Name : Tammy Harding
Maiden name: Tammy Miller
E-Mail: rttsj005@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1986
Address: 1508 Spring Bay Road, East Peoria, IL 61611



Name: Fred Myatt
E-Mail: fwmyatt@hotmail.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 3205 Annandale Rd., Durham, NC 27705Comments: Well, it looks like it’s been 20 years. Hard to believe – until
I look at my kids. My wife, Sarah, and our three kids (James – 1998, Hannah – 2001 & Joshua – 2002) moved from the Philly Metro area to NC to be closer to Sarah’s folks. Been here almost 3 years now. I’ll finish my MBA (UNC) next summer (2007). I don’t think I’ll be able to make it back for the reunion (though I may be in Chicago for business around then, so you never know.) Best to all, Fred.

Name: Karen Clark
Maiden Name: Nemeth
E-Mail: scckmc2@earthlink.net
Class of: 1986

Comments: I am married and have two children. We live in Florida. I work for our school district in administration. (Updated: 06/2013)

Name: Anita Cole
Maiden Name: Olomon
E-Mail: achrly@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986

Name: Karyn Chereek
Maiden Name: Pemble
E-Mail: Karenchereek@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 3421 Fairesta St., La Crescenta, CA 91214

Comments: Hi! I moved to California in 86. I attended MTHS all 4 years but left during my Senior year. I’m married and have 4 kids: Alex, 17, Lauren, 15, Meghan, 11, and Zachary, 10 in May. I spend a lot of time running around with cheer leading, softball, etc.

I’m a Floral Designer-which I love. I teach and do set ups for the company I work for when I’m not in my store. I have been taking classes and will take my National testing in 07. I’ve done design work for the Rose Parade, Dodgers, and corp. events. I had to have surgery so I missed helping with the Academy Awards this year. After I get my AIFD I am hoping to teach at the college level and occasionally travel doing floral. I’d enjoy hearing from you and if you want to e-mail me put MTHS on the subject line or I’ll end up hitting SPAM. Enjoy the 20th reunion.

Name: Sara Mitchell
Maiden Name: Reynolds
E-Mail: gsaamitch@earthlink.net
Class of: 1986
Address: 495 Foxcross Dr., Sidney, OH 45365
Phone: 937-497-7501

Comments: What a neat website! How can we get more classmates to register? Married 10/87. Twin boys Andrew & Anthony 10/98. We’ve lived in Urbana, Mahomet, and Gurnee, Illinois and now Sidney, Ohio (6 hours from “home”). I have an AAS in Accounting and a BS in Business Admin and may go for an MBA when my boys go to college. Currently I’m a part-time secretary for a lawyer. I’m having difficulty with the big 40 approaching, but I am turning gray. Hope to get to the 20 year reunion.

Name: Mark Roedder
City: St. Charles, MO
Class of: 1986
Comments: I am still living in St Charles, MO. I’m recently divorced from my wife of 14 years. Ready to start over and looking forward to it. I have three boys (Caleb, 1996; Drew, 1997; Cole, 2002). I currently working for Glaxosmithkline as a Production Manager. I will always consider Metamora as my hometown. Love to hear from you. (Updated: 02/2008)



Name: Shane P. Robison
E-Mail: chainsaw1s@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986

(Updated: 10/10)

Name: Mark Schumacher
E-Mail: mschu247@yahoo.com
Class of: 1986
City: Cumming,  GA

Comments: I took the 7 year plan through college attending ICC, ISU, and WIU getting 2 Bachelor degrees from ISU and WIU.  Then I moved to Chicago and lived there 10 years.  In the middle of that time I became a Christian and met my wife Sean.  Our daughter Sofia was born in March ’03.  I wish I could post her photo – she looks enough like me. Being a Florida girl my wife found Chicago winters difficult to live with.  November ’03 we moved to Georgia.  Since I couldn’t keep my job or firm once we moved I decided to make a career change and am now doing Reverse Mortgages for Financial Freedom.  I love my job.  We’re expecting another baby May ’05 though if it comes out a puppy Sofia would probably be just as happy. Take care yall.


Name: Mike Vicary
E-Mail: mnlvic@mtco.com
Class of: 1986

(Updated: 05/2012)


Name: Keith B. Viggers
Class of: 1986
Address: 201 Rose Street, Apt B, N. Sioux City, SD  57049
Phone: 605-235-1120

Comments: Still single with no children.  I have been working for Gateway, the computer manufacturer, for 8+ years in the Human Resources field. Although busy with work, I still find time collect cans for the all aluminum home I am building.  In addition, I am finishing my degree in 20th century refrigerator art.  This will coincide with the publishing of my first book entitled, “I know you made it at school,  but what is it?”

Name: Trudy McAdams
Maiden Name: Washburn
Class of: 1986

Address: P.O. Box 951, Okanogan, WA  98840

Name: Lisa Cansino
Maiden Name: Zimmerman
E-Mail: blc@mtco.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 1241 Nofsinger, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Yes, I am still here in the great town of Metamora. Married 12 years in October to my husband Bob. We have 3 children Jordan 12, Jade 9 and a wonderful surprise to our family this year, Jolee 6 months. I have given up my retail stores 4 years ago to stay at home with my children and help my husband with his Construction company and our rental properties. We keep busy with our kids sports, camping and boating. I cant believe its already been 20 years. WOW how time flies!!!!

Name: Madea Diffey
Maiden Name: Ziolkowski
E-Mail: madea_d@hotmail.com
Class of: 1986
Address: 111 Riverstone Ct., Apt. C, Easley, SC 29640
Phone: 864-855-7161

Comments: Hey everyone. I really enjoyed the last reunion, and can’t wait for the next. I have 2 children, Stephanie 18 and is at Baylor University and Adam is 17 and is a senior at Easley High. I am married and soon to be divorced. Hope to hear from y’all soon. (Updated: 09/2008)


Name: Christine Pauly
Maiden Name: Mueller
E-Mail: christinepauly@web.de
Class of: 1986
Address: Gustav-Bruch-Str. 26, Saarbrücken, Germany  66123

Comments: I was fortunate to spend a year as an exchange student at Metamora High School where I had a wonderful time. This experience caused me to become an English teacher back in Germany. During my time at university I had the chance to go back to the US in 1993 and study at the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, CO. I even managed to make a short trip back to Metamora!  I’m married and we have two daughters; Lotte (13) and Hannah (16 and currently spending an exchange year in Phoenix, AZ; brings back memories!!)
updated 3/19/2015