Understanding Your Digital Footprint

The “Afterschool App” and the “Whisper App” are examples of two types of apps which allow anonymous posting of comments.  While there are some positive components to these apps, there are also some significant drawbacks.  It is important to talk to your child about the apps on their phone and how they are using them.  Also review the parental restrictions you can setup on their phone to either monitor or deny your student from using certain apps.  For example, After School is rated 17+ in the App Store, which allows parents to hide the app by enabling general parental controls. There are several ways parents can restrict or limit access to After School:

  • Set Parental Restrictions on Apple Devices: Parental settings can be implemented on your child’s Apple device by going to Settings -> General -> Restrictions. Or, view the Apple guide to setting restrictions on your child’s phone here.
  • In-App Parental Controls: Parents can use After School’s custom controls to monitor or restrict their child’s use. They can do so by accessing the settings within their child’s app, and then password protecting app settings and overall access to the app.

If you would like to know more about the app, please visit their website FAQ page (https://afterschoolapp.com/faq/) where questions about bullying and other topics are addressed.

The website (www.connectsafely.org) is also an excellent resource with parental guides to many of the most used social media platforms used by our students.  There are web and pdf documents available.

Understanding Digital Footprint Flyer