ALiCE Protocol – Safety Procedure

MTHS has adopted the ALiCE protocol in case an armed intruder gains access to the building.  The acronym ALiCE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. No longer will we simply ask individuals to lock doors and huddle in classrooms.  The procedure gives teachers the freedom to take actions they believe will increase the safety of students, including evacuating the building or staying in the room and barricading the door.  Our teachers have been trained on the procedures.  Our ultimate goal is to increase the safety of everyone in the MTHS community.  The protocol is now posted on the website under Parents/Community – ALiCE Info – ALiCE Protocol for your reference.  Please contact Mr. Hodel, Assistant Principal if you have any questions regarding this safety protocol at 309-367-4151 x 530.