Parental Resources

To Parents:

The mental health support staff at Woodford County Special Education Association and the Metamora Township school districts worked to put together resources that could be used for communicating with parents and teachers regarding the traumatic incidents that have occurred in our community recently. As a group we are taking this one step at a time. We know this situation could provoke many social-emotional needs and we will do our best to assist students and staff. We will be evaluating the need for group or individual sessions for any students that may need additional support.

The attachment Talking to Children About Violence could be used to guide how to talk to your child about the situation. Children should be given a chance to process this situation at home and at school. Teachers, and you as parents, can begin to identify if there are individual children that might need more support. If your child needs more support, please contact the Guidance Office.  Talking to Children About Violence

The second attachment (Parent Communication Recommendations) is a document that further outlines how to talk to your child about the situation, warning signs that your child isn’t coping with the stress, and information on resources through the school for counseling.  Parent Communication

There is a lot of information and misinformation circulating on social media. For further information, please view the press release that occurred on October 3.  October 2, 2017 Press Release

The first priority of the Guidance Department and Administration at MTHS is the health and safety of our students. Please let us know if your child needs more support.