1st Semester Final Exams Announced

First semester finals will be Monday, December 18th, Tuesday, December 19th, and Wednesday, December 20th.  Thursday, January 4, 2018 will be a semester exam day if an emergency day is used during finals.

**Students please note that on Monday December 18th, unless you have both a 5th hour study hall and 8th hour release, you need to report to your 5A/B or 5C.  You will be dismissed from school at 12:30 for your 8th hour release.**

        Monday, Dec. 18th       Tuesday, Dec. 19th       Wednesday, Dec. 20th  
1st 8:15-9:45 3rd 8:15-9:45 6th 8:15-9:45
2nd 9:50-11:20 4th 9:50-11:20 7th 9:50-11:20
5A&B 11:25-11:55 5A&B 11:25-11:55 11:25-1:30
Make-up Finals
5C 12:00-12:30 5C 12:00-12:30 No Lunch Served
8th 12:35-2:05 5th 12:35-2:05

Students please remember to bring a book or other study materials to use should you complete your exam early.  No hall passes will be issued during exam times.

Buses will run at 3:15 pm on Monday and Tuesday.  Students riding the bus should report to the commons after their last final.  On Wednesday, buses will run at 11:40 am.

Please note that dates may change if any emergency days are used.