School Schedule Changes

Please adjust your calendars to three schedule changes that will occur this semester.  On January 10th, February 28th, and April 25th school will start at 8:15 am, instead of the originally planned late start schedule.  Students should report to school by 8:15 am on these days.  Please note that second hour will begin at 8:55 am.  Students with first hour release need to be aware of this time change.

On January 10th and April 25th The Center for Prevention of Abuse will be coming to MTHS to discuss topics pertaining to bias-based bullying and stereotypes.  In addition, students will be given strategies on how to better react when they observe misconduct related to bullying and biases.  These discussions will take place during a one-hour assembly.

On February 28th, we will spend approximately one hour training students on MTHS’ protocols in the event of an intruder in the building.  Students will hear from local law enforcement and will be able to discuss possible scenarios and how to react quickly and safely when in the school setting.