Ongoing School Culture Training

Metamora Township High School has planned multiple activities for second semester that relate to teaching our students about cultural sensitivity, bias recognition, stereotypes, and bystander strategies.  A group of parents, students, teachers, and administrators have been meeting to discuss how best to educate our students and make this type of education a continuing part of our curriculum.  We have two organizations coming to MTHS in the spring semester to begin this process.

First, The Center for Prevention of Abuse will be on campus on two occasions, January 10th and April 25th.   Their one-hour presentations will be touching on topics such as respect, empathy, tolerance, biases, stereotypes, and inappropriate speech.  Additionally, they will educate our students on how to appropriately respond when witnessing inappropriate behaviors.

MTHS is also working with the Community Relations Service branch of the Department of Justice to set up a forum for students to discuss their experiences at school.  We will have approximately 60 students participate in a school SPIRIT (Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together) program.  During the SPIRIT program, the students will be organized in small groups to identify areas of concern and seek solutions for them.  The Community Relations Service will compile the information from SPIRIT and provide a report to MTHS.  This report will be used by a committee of parents, students, teachers, and administrators to plan for additional training and educational activities in the future.