Student Safety – Madison Street One Way Traffic

Student safety is our top priority at MTHS.  Keeping that in mind, a change we are going to make for the ’19-20 school year is making Madison Street one way for traffic at the front entrance (south) of the building between 7:45am and 8:15am.  This will mean that all traffic will be going from east to west so all students will be exiting on the sidewalk side of Madison Street. This will prevent cross traffic between students being dropped off and bus traffic.  Primary drop off for students is still in the west parking lot.  There will be a sign and temporary barricades on the corner of Hanover and Madison Street.  As a reminder, when a bus stop arm is out and lights are flashing, you are not able to pass the bus even if there is room on the road and the students are entering or exiting the bus on the opposite side of the road.  Thanks for keeping student safety in mind as we get ready to start a new school year.