Dual Credit Placement Testing Sign-Up – Deadline October 31, 2020


If you are interested in taking a dual credit course next year, you must qualify by taking a placement test!!

Dual Credit Classes:
Certain MTHS Classes can be taken for high school and ICC college credit.  The cost is: $50 per course and all classes are held at MTHS.  Fees will be charged directly to the student’s Skyward account.  Most textbooks are provided by the teacher; however, some classes may require students to purchase textbooks. See attached course details. To enroll in dual credit classes, students must take the placement test at MTHS or at ICC.

Requirement Steps:

  1. Students must apply at ICC

Go to:  icc.edu
Click: “Get started”  (top left)
Click: “Admissions”
Click: “Apply now”
Put in your information.  For type of enrollment pick “Early College.”
Need help applying?  See your counselor, but you must bring your social security number.

  1. You will be emailed a 7 digit ID#
  2. After you get your ID#, fill out the Google survey below, which will sign you up to take the placement test. COMPLETE BY October 31.
  3. The Placement test will be offered at MTHS November 12th and 13th.  Students should take the test on their assigned remote day.

For ICC placement test information:  http://icc.edu/admissions/academic-placement/

How Do I Prepare?

Practice your skills and better prepare yourself for the placement assessment by visiting these webpages:

  1. https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/student/practice(free ACCUPLACER practice questions and test taking tips)
  2. https://accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org/login(free web-based study app)
  3. https://www.khanacademy.org(additional math review)

Please click this link and submit the survey by October 31st to register for the placement test:   Placement Test Sign-Up for Dual Credit

See attached MTHS Dual Credit course options.  MTHS Dual Credit Courses