AP US and World History Course Request Information

As we prepare for next school year (2021-2022), students interested in scheduling either the Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. or World History courses need to be aware of the course requirements and request process. Both the AP U.S. History and AP World History courses are designed to be a college level class that will allow students to earn three hours of college credit if the student passes the AP exam, while also earning honors credits toward a student’s high school GPA. With this fact in mind, the History Department would like to emphasize that students will be expected to do college level work. This means that most of the course reading and studying will need to be completed outside of the classroom. Class time will be used for higher level skills, such as critical thinking, persuasive writing, and class debate. These courses require students to complete a summer reading and writing project based upon selected works. The assignment will go out no later than May 18th, and it will be due the second day of class in the fall. Please note that students who do not complete the summer work will not be allowed to drop down to a regular History course. Students would start the class with zero out of 100 points.

Requirements for AP History include:

  • Internet access for an average of 30 minutes a day outside of class.
  • Basic understanding of online academic resources.
  • Completion of a summer reading unit and response paper.
  • Preparedness for the AP exam by May.
  • Ability to work independently and complete assignments before deadlines.
  • Submit the class request form to Mr. Finch by March 1, 2021.

Please download, complete and submit the 2021-2022 AP History Request Form to Mr. Finch by March 1, 2021. For further questions please email Deric Linder at dlinder@mths.us or Eric Sliger at esliger@mths.us.