1st Semester Final Exams Announced

First semester finals will be Thursday, December 16th and Friday, December 17th.

Students, please remember to bring a book or other study materials to use should you complete your exam early. No hall passes will be issued during exam times. Please note that Tuesday, January 4, 2022 will be a semester exam day if an emergency day is used during finals. The following list provides important information regarding finals:

  • Students will be attending classes or preparing for final exams through December 17th.
  • Students may be dismissed at 1:15 if they have a study hall 4th period on Thursday only.
  • Students may be dismissed at 1:15 if they have a study hall 8th period on Friday only.
  • Buses will run at the normal time (3:15) each day of finals.  Students cannot leave campus 4th or 8th period and then return to ride the bus.
  • Students who have a 1st hour and 5th hour study hall may arrive for 2nd and 6th period for class or finals.
  • If there is a Snow Day on a Final Exam Day, finals are moved to the next school day we are in session.  If there is a Snow Day on Friday December 17, those finals will take place on Tuesday, January 4th.
  • If a student misses any exam without a valid excuse, then the student will be given a ZERO (not an Incomplete) for that exam test grade.

Please note that dates may change if any emergency days are used.