Academic & Administrative Announcements

ALiCE Training – February 28, 2018 – Message to Parents


Next Wednesday, February 28, we have scheduled ALiCE training to prepare students on how to respond should an intruder enter the building. As was previously announced, there will no longer be a late start that day.  ALiCE is a non-sequential acronym that stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate.  We showed a training video in the fall that was an overview of the ALiCE protocol.  The training next Thursday will consist of two parts.  The first part will involve students attending a presentation in the auditorium featuring three ALiCE certified instructors: Chief Mike Todd (Metamora Police Department), Lisa Doty (School Nurse), and Brian Stoecker (CTE Teacher).  They will be going through the ALiCE acronym and talking to students about situational awareness. The second part will be further ALiCE discussion in their classrooms with their 7th hour teachers.  Students will be presented with four different scenarios and asked how they would respond in order to keep themselves safe.

We ask that you take some time to discuss the idea of situational awareness with your student. Encourage students to be aware of their surroundings and to identify threats to both their health or safety. Situations can include weather changes and how they affect biking or driving to school, how to respond to a car accident or medical emergency, or when and how to report information posted on social media that implies a threat. We appreciate your added support at home as we continue to focus on the safety and well-being of all our students.

Student safety is our first priority. If you or your child ever see concerning or threatening information on social media or elsewhere, please contact the school district so additional steps can be taken. On the website there are two report forms you can use when the situation is not an emergency. One form is called the “Bullying Report Form” and the other is called the “Mental Health Concern Form.” Both forms are sent anonymously to MTHS administrators or Guidance counselors.

If you have any questions about the training, please contact Assistant Principal Kevin Hodel at or 367-4151 ext 530.

2017-18 First Semester Honor Roll Released

Metamora Township High School is pleased to announce the students who have earned First Semester Honor Roll status.  This achievement will also be notated on report cards.  Click HERE to view Honor Roll.

School Schedule Changes

Please adjust your calendars to three schedule changes that will occur this semester.  On January 10th, February 28th, and April 25th school will start at 8:15 am, instead of the originally planned late start schedule.  Students should report to school by 8:15 am on these days.  Please note that second hour will begin at 8:55 am.  Students with first hour release need to be aware of this time change.

On January 10th and April 25th The Center for Prevention of Abuse will be coming to MTHS to discuss topics pertaining to bias-based bullying and stereotypes.  In addition, students will be given strategies on how to better react when they observe misconduct related to bullying and biases.  These discussions will take place during a one-hour assembly.

On February 28th, we will spend approximately one hour training students on MTHS’ protocols in the event of an intruder in the building.  Students will hear from local law enforcement and will be able to discuss possible scenarios and how to react quickly and safely when in the school setting.


Ongoing School Culture Training

Metamora Township High School has planned multiple activities for second semester that relate to teaching our students about cultural sensitivity, bias recognition, stereotypes, and bystander strategies.  A group of parents, students, teachers, and administrators have been meeting to discuss how best to educate our students and make this type of education a continuing part of our curriculum.  We have two organizations coming to MTHS in the spring semester to begin this process.

First, The Center for Prevention of Abuse will be on campus on two occasions, January 10th and April 25th.   Their one-hour presentations will be touching on topics such as respect, empathy, tolerance, biases, stereotypes, and inappropriate speech.  Additionally, they will educate our students on how to appropriately respond when witnessing inappropriate behaviors.

MTHS is also working with the Community Relations Service branch of the Department of Justice to set up a forum for students to discuss their experiences at school.  We will have approximately 60 students participate in a school SPIRIT (Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together) program.  During the SPIRIT program, the students will be organized in small groups to identify areas of concern and seek solutions for them.  The Community Relations Service will compile the information from SPIRIT and provide a report to MTHS.  This report will be used by a committee of parents, students, teachers, and administrators to plan for additional training and educational activities in the future.

New Link Added to Main Menu – Social Media Safety Video

School Improvement Ideas – Link Added

After receiving School Improvement memos from Mrs. James’ keyboarding classes, the administration was impressed with some of the feedback from students.  We have created a link under the “Students” tab on the school website that allows students to enter suggestions for improvements throughout the year.  There is not a guaranteed timeline to get back to students on these ideas, but know that the administration will look through them and reflect on the pros and cons of each.

Thank you for taking the time to be solution-focused and help take our school from good to great!

Important Message Regarding Metamora Field Parking Lot

Students: Please do not use the Metamora Fields parking lot as a shortcut off Progress Street to get to Madison Street. It is dangerous with the pedestrian traffic in the parking lot. We want to make sure you and members of the community are safe. Police will be monitoring the lot and issuing tickets moving forward.

The College Financial Aid Process

Recently the Guidance Department hosted a presentation on The Financial Aid Process.  A representative from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission shared valuable information to students and parents who will soon be or are attending college.  The presentation covered the types of financial aid, sources of financial aid, college loan programs (subsidized vs unsubsidized),  FAFSA and much more.  To view the presentation please click the following link: The Financial Aid Process

Guidance Department on Twitter!

MTHS is excited to announce that the Guidance Department has created a Twitter account.  The purpose is to keep followers up-to-date on events such as:  financial aid nights, college visits, testing dates, scholarship opportunities, etc.  Please follow us on Twitter at @mthscounseling to stay in-the-know!  If you have any questions, please contact Jeaneen Bohanan in the Guidance Office.

ALiCE Protocol – Safety Procedure

MTHS has adopted the ALiCE protocol in case an armed intruder gains access to the building.  The acronym ALiCE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. No longer will we simply ask individuals to lock doors and huddle in classrooms.  The procedure gives teachers the freedom to take actions they believe will increase the safety of students, including evacuating the building or staying in the room and barricading the door.  Our teachers have been trained on the procedures.  Our ultimate goal is to increase the safety of everyone in the MTHS community.  The protocol is now posted on the website under Parents/Community – ALiCE Info – ALiCE Protocol for your reference.  Please contact Mr. Hodel, Assistant Principal if you have any questions regarding this safety protocol at 309-367-4151 x 530.