Fall Play


The Fall play is a theatrical production usually performed in early/mid September. Auditions are held in May and rehearsals take place over the summer.  Any MTHS student may audition, including incoming freshmen.   There are no costs to being involved.  Students who are cast are expected to attend rehearsals during the summer (during the day) and when school starts in the fall (early evening).

Fall Play 2020

Congratulations to The Phantom Tollbooth cast! (Please check your email for info on our first meeting – Wed., May 27)

Milo – Alexander Schroff

Tock the Watchdog – Taylor Gardner

Queen Azaz – Kate Guede

Queen Mathemagician – Meg Ciko

Humbug – Drew Metcalfe

Spelling Bee/Dodecahedron – Sarah Mathes

Lethargarian 1/Merchant 1/Insincerity/Miner – Mia Sloan

Lethargarian 2/Merchant 2/Terrible Trivium – Kallen Samp

Lethargarian 3/Duke of Definition/Miner – Rebecca Dawdy

Lethargarian 4/The Minister of Meaning/Miner – Caleb Gigous

Earl of Essence/Awful Dynne/Miner – Reese Dosemagen

Count of Connotation/Dr. Dischord – Connor White

Whetherman/Undersecretary of Understanding/Ever-present Wordsnatcher – Carrigan Craig

Lethargarian 5/Merchant 3/Page/Miner – Lyda Roberts

Gatekeeper/Senses Taker/Miner – Lucas Miller

Princess Rhyme/Waiter – Lilly Dugan

Princess Reason/Waiter – Lily Sturgell











McCormick, Kathy