Our materials for Joseph have still not arrived, so we are cancelling this week’s Musical meeting.  We will have rehearsal schedules posted soon.

Show dates are March 12–March 15, 2020


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If your name appears below, join us at our first cast meeting Tuesday, November 26, 7:45 Chorus Room!

Narrators: Meg Ciko, Anja Olsen, Anna Schnetzler

Jacob: Peter Kaufman

Joseph: Cole Rich

Potiphar: TBA

Mrs. Potiphar: Shannyn Kell

Baker: Audrey Welch

Butler: TBA

Pharaoh/Brother: David Snook

Joseph’s Brothers (11) (additional solos TBA):

Will Bennington

Carter Grantham

Aaron Klobnak (soloist)

Kyle Loring

Drew Metcalfe

Cole Morris (soloist)

Vidal Paulino

Alexander Schroff

Joey Shallat (soloist)

David Snook 

Connor White

The Wives (11) (additional solos TBA):

Carrigan Craig

Sophie Duffy

Taylor Gardner

Brooke Godby (soloist)

Kate Guede

Kara Hodel

Remi Keller (soloist)

Sarah Mathes

Liz Mueller (soloist)

Kiersen Samp

AJ Taylor

Ishmaelites/Chorus (featured dancers will be selected from this group):  

Men (12)

Jeff Bates

Grant Bennington

Jack Bradshaw

Nathan Haines

Sean Harper

Peter Kaufman

Kaleb Krus

Tyler Lankston

Kallen Samp

Nick Tiezzi

Mason Walker

Dylan Youngren

Women (40)

Maddie Bennett

Jordyn Ciesielski

Grace Couri

Korina Crandell

Emma DuBois

Lilly Dugan

Morgan Fletcher

Rachel Grebe

Adreanna Gudeman

Sophia Huette

Lindy Jackson

Maggie Jewell

Audrey Joyner

Shannyn Kell

Angeleena Kern

Sarah Kimbro

Ashley Kuras

Jackie Mahan

Maggie Mathes

Emma Noe

Madison Ochoa

Addie Pace

Afton Pace

Elyse Palmer

Skyler Rickard

Zoie Roach-King

Izzy Sanchez

Mia Sloan

Eve Spellious

Chloe Springer

Emma Springer

Lily Sturgell

Lindsay Sturgell

Alissa Thelen

Audrey Welch

Katrianha Welch

Gracie Whitby

Marissa Widmer

Carolyn Wilbur

Sammi Williams

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