Booster Club Purchases


Football home-side turf $22,000
ALL Sport weight room equipment (2 years of purchases) $43,500
Basketball Shoot-A-Way Rebounder  $7,000
Soccer Kickboard $1,750
Cross Country/Track EZ-UP Tent w/Walls & Bag $2,100
Soccer Cooler Carts $540
Football Home Side Team Turf $22,000
Swim Team Touch Pad Scoring System $12,000
ALL Sports Weight Room Equipment $43,500
North Gym Scoreboard Panels $12,500
Soccer Rebounder $2,100
Cross Country/Track Tent Panels $1,100
Wrestling Video Camera $500
Softball Varsity Bleacher Concrete Pad $2,600
Delay of Game Clocks (Partnership w/Football Parents & Anonymous  Donation) $3,000
One year subscription of HUDL $2,500
North Sports Complex Grill $400
Soccer CD Player $200
Stadium Ticket/Storage Building  $15,000
Safety Vests for Cross Country $180
Outside Concession Steam Table $1,900
North Concession Complex Freezer $200
Varsity Soccer Field Goal Posts $5,300
Concrete Flatwork for Underclass Baseball/Softball Fields Bleachers $2,600
Volleyball Game Tape Video Camera $1,000
Swim Bags for Boys and Girls COOP Swim Teams $900
Safety Mats for Cheer Team $1,600
Sound Box for North Gym $1,500
Endless Rope for Weight Room  $2,595
Donation towards Baseball and Softball Fields Lights $33,000
Booster Golf Outing Donation towards the Baseball and Softball Fields Lights $13,000
Portable Batting Cage $3,135
Volleyball Pole System $1,400
Football Laptop $750
Indoor Batting Cage $525
Cheerleader Run-Through $450
Pitching Machine (used) $450
Soccer Kickboard $375
Soccer Backstop Net $220


Additional purchases:  soccer bleachers, golf storage, cross country E-Z Up tent, storage shed for tennis, girls golf bags, volleyball and soccer travel bags, track record board, wrestling and basketball scorer table, digital camcorder, new signs and furniture for stadium press box, banners for north gym, baseball/softball bleachers, concession stands and press boxes for baseball and softball, soccer press box and field lights, football jugs throwing machine, popcorn machine, sports patches, conference patches, Mid-Illini All-Conference Banquets, and MUCH MORE.