Tennis Pictures

2018 Pictures
Indoor Quad Champs:  (front) Michael Poppen, Ethan Greenfield, Hugo Olsen, Cullen Nevitt, Brian Lelm, Brett Manwaring, (back) Sam Vogel, Keegan DeShon, Zack Lambiase, Grant Gutwein, Garrett Wood, Ricky Nguyen, Jeremiah Poppen.
Red & White Invite Champs:  Jeremiah Poppen, Zack Lambiase, Ethan Greenfield, Coach Willard, Keegan DeShon, Michael Poppen, Grant Gutwein, Brian Lelm, Cullen Nevitt.
2017 Pictures
Bloomington Invite Champs:  (front) Zack Lambiase, Ethan Greenfield, Michael Poppen, (back) Coach Willard, Grant Gutwein, Sean Russell, Carsten Boast, Johan Olsen, Fletcher Koehrsen.
Ottawa Invite Champs:  (l-r) Ethan Greenfield, Fletcher Koehrsen, Johan Olsen, Sean Russell, Carsten Boast, Sean Russell, Michael Poppen, Zack Lambiase, Garrett Wood, Jeremiah Poppen, Grant Gutwein.
Indoor Quad Champs:  (front) Ricky Nguyen, Johan Olsen, Ethan Greenfield, Michael Poppen, Garrett Wood, (back) Keegan DeShon, Zack Lambiase, Grant Gutwein, Sean Russell, Carsten Boast, Fletcher Koehrsen.
2016 Pictures
2016 Seniors:  Cameron Doerr, Jordan Rivera, Brendan Axelson, Ryan Willard, Joel Sutter.
2016 State Qualifiers:  Brendan Axelson, Carsten Boast, Coach Willard, Ryan Willard, Fletcher Koehrsen.
Ottawa Invite Champions:  Joel Sutter, Cameron Doerr, Bobby Kessler, Jordan Rivera, Carsten Boast, Johan Losen, Bryce Babcock, Sean Russell, Ryan Willard, Fletcher Koehrsen, Coach Willard.
Mid-Illini Conference Doubles Champs:  Fletcher Koehrsen and Ryan Willard (#1 doubles) and Carsten Boast and Brendan Axelson (#2 doubles).
Bloomington Invite Medalists:  Ryan Willard, Joel Sutter, Brendan Axelson, Carsten Boast, Fletcher Koehrsen, Jordan Rivera.
2015 Pictures
Mid-Illini Champions 2015:  Front – Coach Willard, Bobby Kessler.  Back – Jordan Rivera, Brendan Axelson, Joel Sutter, Cameron Doerr, Ryan Willard, Carsten Boast, Fletcher Koehrsen, Bryce Babcock.
2014 Pictures

Mid-Illini Champions 2014:  Fletcher Koehrsen, Nick Becker, Tyler Ngo, Mitchell Nguyen, Will Koehrsen, Ryan Willard, Coach Willard.2014%20Sectional%20ChampsSectional Champions 2014:  Tyler Ngo, Ryan Willard, Mitchell Nguyen, Nick Becker, Will Koehrsen, Fletcher Koehrsen, Coach Willard.2014%20BLOOMINGTON%20CHAMPS%203Bloomington Invite Champions 2014:  Mitchell Nguyen, Will Koehrsen, Michael Doublin, Trevor Lewandowski, Justin McCoy, Ryan Willard, Fletcher Koehrsen, Nick Becker, Tyler Ngo, Coach Willard.2014%20OTTAWA%20CHAMPSOttawa Invite Champions 2014:  Justin McCoy, Tyler Ngo, Ryan Willard, Coach Willard, Mitchell Nguyen, Fletcher Koehrsen, Will Koehrsen, Trevor Lewandowski, Michael Doublin, Brendan Axelson.2013 Pictures


Trip to Champaign (summer 2013).  Front:  Connor Maris, Mitchell Nguyen, Trevor Lewandowski, Ryan Willard.  Back:  Will Koehrsen, Michael Doublin, Fletcher Koehrsen, Coach Willard, Kiran Patel-O’Connor, Zach Settelmyer, Jordan Rivera. 2013%20-%20Will%20and%20Christoph%20State%20Medals

Will Koehrsen and Christoph Goettler:  first medalists in Mid-Illini Conference history!  2013%20-%20Will%20and%20Christoph%20State%20Medals%20Group

2013 State Doubles Medalists:  Metamora, Lake Forest, Oak Park-River Forest, Lincolnshire Stevenson, Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale Central.Red&WhiteChamps2

Red & White Champs 2013!!  Front:  Ryan Willard, Mitchell Nguyen, Christoph Goettler.  Back:  Nick Becker, Caleb Neumann, Will Koehrsen, Coach Willard.


Senior Night 2013:  Caleb Neumann and Christoph Goettler with Coach Willard.caleb_toph1%20(2)

Senior Night 2013:  Caleb Neumann and Christoph Goettler.2013%20-%20Bloomington%201

Bloomington Invite Champs:  Christoph Goettler (#1 doubles), Will Koehrsen (#1 singles), Mitchell Nguyen (#1 doubles), and Coach Willard.2013%20-%20Will%201

Will Koehrsen on the way to winning his third straight Mid-Illini singles title.will_signs

Will Koehrsen serves with Metamora’s 12 sectional championship signs in the background.

2012 Pictures


Mitchell Nguyen (sectional singles runner-up), Coach Willard, Will Koehrsen (sectional singles champion).


Christoph Goettler and Quinn Vaughn (sectional doubles champions) with Coach Willard.


Christoph Goettler and Quinn Vaughn walking to collect their sectional title medals.


Will Koehrsen walking to collect his sectional title medal.


Vaughn and Goettler collect Metamora’s sixth straight sectional title plaque.


The players hold the sectional plaque.  Metamora scored 24 team points.  Second place was 9.


Tyler Ngo, Will Koehrsen, Mitchell Nguyen, Quinn Vaughn, Coach Willard, Caleb Neumann, and Christoph Goettler pose with the 2012 sectional championship plaque.


2012 Redbird Tennis Team:  front (l-r)  Will Koehrsen, Mitchell Nguyen, Tyler Ngo, Christoph Goettler.  Back (l-r)  Caleb Neumann, Coach Willard, Quinn Vaughn, Alec Gardner, Jordan Rauh.


A couple of future Redbirds join the party:  Fletcher Koehrsen and Ryan Willard plus the 2012 Redbirds.

Quinn Vaughn prepares to pounce

Quinn%20Vaughn%20Prepares%20to%20Pounce2Coach Willard taking in the action in Alton

Big serving Mitchell Nguyen


Big serving Christoph Goettler


Big serving Will Koehrsen


Big returning David Schrader


Jason Rainville and Tyler Ngo


Celebrating a win in Edwardsville


Tournament champions in Bloomington!!


Mitchell Nguyen two short years ago (on the right)

2010 and Older Pictures

2010 Sectional Champs (David Stewart, Stephan Rauh, Coach Willard, Greg Coffman, Christoph Goettler, Nate Wilson, Quinn Vaughn, Kevin Wang, Jake Martin, Ryan Donnelly, Jason Rainville, Justin Rauh)


2010 Sectional Champs (Coach Willard, Stephan Rauh, Greg Coffman, Nate Wilson, David Stewart, Kevin Wang, Ryan Donnelly)

2010 Trip to Edwardsville (Coach Willard, Kevin Wang, Christoph Goettler, Greg Coffman, Stephan Rauh, Ryan Donnelly, David Stewart, Quinn Vaughn, David Schrader)

2010 Team State Tournament (Greg Coffman, Stephan Rauh, Nate Wilson, Kevin Wang, Quinn Vaughn, David Schrader, Jake Martin, Christoph Goettler, David Stewart, Ryan Donnelly, Coach Willard)

2010 Tom Pitchford Sportsmanship Award (Coach Willard, Stephan Rauh)


2010 State Tournament (Coach Willard, Nate Wilson, Stephan Rauh, David Stewart)


2010 Metamora Varsity Tennis Team


Bottom Row:  Quinn Vaughn, Christoph Goettler, David Schrader, Stephan Rauh, Justin Rauh, Kevin Wang.
Top Row:  Ryan Donnelly, David Stewart, Greg Coffman, Nate Wilson, Jason Rainville, Jake Martin.

2010 Seniors


Ryan Donnelly, David Stewart, Greg Coffman, Nate Wilson, Stephan Rauh, Justin Rauh.

Sectional Championship Signs


Nate Wilson, David Stewart, and Ryan Donnelly at the Ottawa Sectional

Stephan Rauh and David Stewart with the 2009 Sectional Championship Plaque

Coach Willard and the six sectional competitors (Greg Coffman, Quinn Vaughn, David Stewart, Stephan Rauh, Jared Rauh, and Ryan Donnelly) pose with Metamora’s third straight sectional plaque.

The 2009 Metamora Varsity Tennis Team (missing Alex Corwin)

First and second place in doubles for the second year in a row!!!
Greg Coffman and Jared Rauh (2nd), Stephan Rauh and David Stewart (1st)

If this were legible, it would show Rauh and Stewart winning every match of the sectional 6-0, 6-0.

Mid-Illini Champs for the third straight year!!!

Jared Rauh, Nate Wilson, David Stewart, Alex Corwin.  David and Nate were conference champs at #1 doubles, and Jared and Alex were conference champs at #2 doubles!!

Great friends and doubles champs.

Action shot of D-Stew.