Ballard, Dan

Ballard, Dan


I moved to Illinois in 2008 after graduating from Cedarville, University with a degree in Computer Engineering.  I worked at Caterpillar as an engineer for four years before deciding to become a math teacher.  I taught Algebra, Geometry, and coached tennis at Washington High School for six years before coming to Metamora in 2018.  At Metamora, I am a part of several different departments teaching Geometry, Digital Electronics, Computer Programming, and Web Page Design.

Here is a link to my class websites:


-Com Program
-WebPage Design
-Honors DigElect


Career & Technical Education

Student Activities



Daily Schedule

First Semester
1 Geometry
2 Prep
3 Honors Digital Electronics
4 Geometry
5 Lunch Duty A & C
6 Com Program
7 WebPage Design
8 Prep
Second Semester
1 Geometry
2 Geometry
3 Honors Digital Elect
4 Prep
5 Lunch Duty A & C
6 Com Program
7 Prep
8 Math Tutor