CTE – Small Engines and Electrical Wiring

Small Engines & Electrical Wiring

Semester – 0.5 credit; Sophomore/Junior/Senior; Prerequisite: None

This class is a one-semester class made up of two nine-week sections. The first nine weeks will consist of single cylinder engine mechanics. This portion of the course will cover the operation of two and four cycle engines. Special units in compression, carburetion, ignition, lubrication, cooling and governor systems will be taught through the disassembly, repair and reassembly of two and four cycle engines. Students must provide an engine to work on during class. In addition to working on small engines, students will learn to calculate gear ratios and work with mechanical and hydraulic power systems. The second nine weeks will consist of an introduction to basic residential and commercial wiring practices. Students will be required to diagram, construct and troubleshoot a number of different circuits. Relays, fusing, transformers, generators and electric motor wiring and maintenance will also be covered.



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