Metamora Township High School has the following positions available.

Certified Openings:

Job Title:  Honors Chemistry Teacher – Anticipated Fall 2022
Category:  Certified
Submit:  Mr. Sean O’Laughlin

Visit  IASA Job Bank for specific position information – MTHS Honors Chemistry Teacher – Anticipated

Interested applicants for certified positions should submit a cover letter, resume, and transcript to apply.

Classified Openings:

Job Title:  Kitchen Staff
Category:  Classified
Submit:  Mr. Sean O’Laughlin

Job Title:  Full Time Evening Custodian
Category:  Classified
Submit:  Mr. Sean O’Laughlin

Job Title:  Substitute Bus Driver
Category:  Classified
Submit:  Mr. Sean O’Laughlin

Job Title:  Substitute Evening Custodian
Category:  Classified
Submit to:  Mr. Sean O’Laughlin

Interested applicants for classified positions should submit application.

Extracurricular Openings:

no openings at this time


To apply for
Coaching opportunities
send a cover letter
and the District’s
Classified Employment
Application to:

Jared Hart
Athletic Director
or email:  jhart@mths.us.

Application materials should be sent or emailed to:

Metamora Twp. High School
PO Box 109
Metamora, Illinois  61548

or email to:


Please contact Kari Ray at 309-367-4129 with any questions.