German IV


Year – 1.0 credit; Senior; Prerequisite:  German III
The exact content and approach to the class will depend on enrollment.  It is likely that the class will be essentially the same as Honors III.

CLASS LINKS here you will find an excellent online German-English/English-German dictionary – here you will find a German only dictionary with multiple synonyms, examples of use, and much, much more.   This would be of most interest to the more advanced student. is ideal for advanced and even intermediate students who want to improve their reading skills. This online magazine, written for young people, provides news from Germany and around the world, reports on humorous events, sports reporting, pen pals, and a number of interactive possibilities. The reading level is challenging, but manageable. Many students will be able to understand and enjoy it without the aid of your teacher.  das Jugendmagazin – describes itself as the magazine for young people throughout the world learning German. Its emphasis is on current topics about teen life in Germany. It provides some of the same interactive opportunities asSowieso. The level of difficulty of the language is comparable to that of Sowieso.  So don’t be afraid to tackle it on your own. – this site is meant for students learning German. There are about thirty-five readings at each the Mittelstufe and the Oberstufe level. The readings cover a wide range of topics relevant to Germany today.   The emphasis is on topics of interest to young adults and teens. It even includes hyperlinks to meanings of terms and expressions used in the readings. – Just click on Texte zum Lesen  Geschichten von und für Kinder – stories by and for children. The target audience of this site is not students learning German as a foreign language, but grade school students in Germany. Although our students may not be in the target age of the site’s intended readers, the wonderful thing about the site is that it requires even less mastery of the language than the sites listed above. It is difficult to find materials written at this level. Here you will find countless stories. You may not even be too old to submit one yourself! (I found one submitted by a fourteen year old). includes links to a multitude of sights for students of all levels. This site would also of interest to parents who want to learn German along with their students.     Some of the better links you will find at the site are “German for Beginners” (click here at), and “Deutsch Plus Online,” a BBC multimedia course, (you can click here at)