ACT Testing Information

ACT Testing

National test dates: 2016-2017 

September 10, October 22, December 10, February 11, April 8 and June 10

Register by Internet at

Cost: The standard ACT exam cost $39.50 and the ACT Plus Writing exam cost $56.50. Many colleges recommend the writing, but few require it.

ACT’s Writing Test Optional:  Not all colleges require students to take the writing portion of the ACT. To find out which colleges do see


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Test prep: Play2Prep is a free app that does daily quizzes and exercises to help students prep for the ACT


ACT Review Class at Metamora High School

Do you need to prepare for your college entrance exams? Are you concerned that your ACT scores won’t be high enough to earn admission into your college of choice?  If so, take the opportunity to sign-up for an ACT review class held right here at Metamora High School.

This course is a twelve hour preparatory study of the ACT Exam.  The class will offer an overview of the exam, testing tips for success, and practice in each curricular subset.  As such, you will have the opportunity to gain proficiencies in English, reading, math, and science.  The class is taught by local teachers with extensive experience in ACT preparation.

Dates not set yet . . . Check back often to learn about upcoming testing opportunities.


Should you retake the ACT?

You should consider retaking the ACT if you were:

  • Sick the day of the test
  • Need to score one or two points higher to get into a program
  • A minimum of 27-28 ACT score is needed for most academic scholarships
  • Did not get enough rest when you took the test last time
  • Feel like you are more prepared now for the test



  1. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.
  2. If you feel nervous before beginning, try to relax by taking a few deep breaths.
  3. Maintain confidence in your abilities and plan to do your best.  Your attitude can affect your performance.
  4. Listen carefully to all instructions and ask questions if you hear something you do not understand.
  5. Focus your attention entirely on your work.
  6. Position your answer sheet next to your test booklet so you can mark answers quickly and accurately.
  7. Before answering each question, read it completely, as well as all the possible responses.
  8. When you are unsure of an answer, choose the one you think is best and go on to the next question.  Be sure to answer every question.  There is no penalty for guessing.
  9. Pace yourself throughout the test by occasionally checking the time.
  10. If you complete the test before your time is up, reread the questions and check your answers.∼∼Get Set for College by ACT


Any questions please see Mr. Finch in guidance at 367-4151 ext. 553.