Guidance FAQ

Questions Concerning MTHS Curriculum Policies

What is needed for Graduation from Metamora Township High School?
  • Four years of attendance
  • A minimum of twenty-two (22) units of credit
  • See graduation requirements
Is there early graduation?
  •  If all graduation requirements and the early graduation requirements are met it is possible to graduate in 3 ½ years.
  • See the guidance office for early graduation requirements
  •  Applying for early graduation must be complete junior year
If I pass all required classes 9th-11th grades what do I take my senior year?
  • A full year of Senior English and Physical Education is required senior year.  These two classes must be passed.
  • The senior year is the time to take electives to better prepare oneself for college, the world of work, and/or explore personal interests.
  • There are several college prep, dual credit, and AP courses available to get a jump-start on college.
  • Take advantage of leadership roles and positions in extracurricular activities and student helper opportunities.
How many classes must each student have on his/her schedule?
  • The school day has 8 periods
  • All students take 7 class hours. The remaining class can be used as a study hall or an additional course.
Should I take a study hall?
  • A study hall can be a beneficial time to do homework or to get help  from available teachers.
  • It is not required but is recommended.
  • Benefits are dependent upon the individual student’s study habits and needs.
Can students get a first or eighth hour release?
  • Only seniors
  • A release allows a senior to not a have a 1st or 8th hour class
  •  A release takes place of a study hall. A student cannot have both a study hall and a release hour.
  • However, if that student’s grades reflect a need of a study hall, their release hour will be changed to a study hall.  Administrators will make these decisions.

For questions call the guidance off at (309) 367-4151.