Physics I

Physics I  –  3741

Year – 1.0 credit; Junior/Senior; Prerequisite:  Chemistry I and Alg. II or concurrent enrollment in Alg. II.

This course is designed to improve student understanding of physics in everyday life.  Laboratory exercises will be incorporated to provide reinforcement and real-world application of each topic of study.  Mathematics will be applied to basic physical problems.  Topics in mechanics, waves, and electricity will be studied in moderate depth.


 Physics Chapter Notes

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Classroom Policies

Physics Policies — Physics Classroom Policies:  Grading, Makeup Work, Materials, and Behavior Policies

The Physics Laboratory

Sample Physics Lab Report
Laboratory Report Format

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1st Semester Final Exam Review

Physics 1st Semester Final Formulas – 1st Semester Exam Formula Sheet
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–1st Semester Study Guide

ACT Science Prep

2nd Semester Final Exam Review