What to do if…

You are new to the district:


Visit our  “Registering Your Student” page.

You want a message delivered to your child:

Only emergency messages may be delivered to students.  In case of emergency, call the Main Office at:  309-367-4151 and your message will be delivered to your child.

A lunch is left at home:

Deliver it to the Main Office.  Your child will be notified and is responsible for coming to the office to claim it.

Something is lost at school or on the bus:

Call the Assistant Principals’ Office at 309-367-4151.  Select option #2 to report the loss.  The article will be traced from the point and you will be notified if it is found.  The Assistant Principals’ Office is also the location for the school’s lost and found items.

You change your address or telephone number:

Please advise the school immediately.  You can also log in to Skyward and change your demographic information. For instructions on how to do this, please see the Skyward Tutorial.


You plan to move:

Contact the Guidance Office. The following information is needed: Name of student, grade, last day of attendance, name of parent or guardian, new address, name and address of new school. On the student’s last day, the student must return books, library books, pay lunch debts and book fines or the transfer card cannot be issued.


You want to confer with a teacher:

Call or e-mail your child’s teacher to arrange a conference. Each staff member’s telephone extension and e-mail address is listed on our website under Staff. You can also email a teacher through Skyward. Click here to see the Skyward Tutorial.


A student becomes ill at school:

A student who becomes ill during school hours is taken to the nurse’s office.  If it becomes necessary to send your child home because of illness, you will be notified so that you can arrange transportation for your child.


You want homework assignments:

This information is usually available through your Skyward account. Please see the Skyward Tutorial for more information. Phone extensions and email addresses are available on the webpage under the Staff link.

Your child is sick and will not be attending school:

Please notify the school of your child’s illness.  This notification can be made by calling 309-367-4151 – select option #2, Attendance Office or by using the new Skyward notification system.

A new feature in Skyward will allow you to notify the high school of your student’s absence from the convenience of your computer. Click on this link for a more detailed explanation of how to use this option in Skyward. If you have any further questions regarding this option feel free to call Kimberley McCoy at 367 – 4151 Ext. 523.