2021 Summer Curriculum

2021 MTHS Summer Curriculum

Please click below to find 2021 summer materials for select courses.

Note: Due to the unusual  school year, the English Department has chosen to remove the summer work requirement for 2021-2022 English Courses.

2021 AP Computer Science A Curriculum

Due to the amount and rigor of the AP Computer Science A curriculum and given that some students may have little prior knowledge of programming, students that have registered for AP Computer Science A will need to complete the first unit in Google Classroom. Please use this link https://classroom.google.com/c/MzEzNjEyODM3MzQ0?cjc=nocbl7d or the join code nocbl7d to join the classroom and complete all material in the Unit 1 Getting Started and Primitive Types topic in the classwork section. Mr. Ballard will be available for questions throughout the summer (email dballard@mths.us), but all students will be expected to have completed this material by the beginning of the school year.

2021 AP History Summer Curriculum


2021 AP World History Summer Assignment — Mr. Sliger

Due to the breadth of required AP curriculum content, and the fact that sophomores have had no prior exposure to AP courses, students signing up for AP World will be responsible for knowing major events in world history. This will ensure that students have a general foundation of core knowledge.

In order to complete the summer assignment, students will need two books:

  • Ways of the World: A Global History of the Sources by Robert Stayer (school provided)
  • History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage (student purchase)

This assignment is due the first week of the 2021-2022 school year.

2021 Honors Mathematics Summer Curriculum

Additional Mathematics Information

Math Mathematics Calculators – the MTHS Math Department recommends that all students purchase and use the following scientific calculators that meet the requirements listed on the departmental information sheet. MTHS Graphing Calculator Requirement NOTE: Please save the entire packaging for the calculator and submit it to an MTHS Math teacher, as they can redeem that packaging for free rewards for the school.

Graphing Calculator Rental – Students who are on free or reduced lunch that find the cost of these graphing calculator too burdensome will be offered the opportunity to check out a TI-nspire CX calculator through the MTHS library. To rent a calculator, students need to complete the rental form and obtain all required signatures, then submit to the MTHS Library. MTHS Calculator Rental Agreement

Summer NoodleTools Use

Accounts currently in NoodleTools will be deleted around the middle of July.  If you need to use the program for a summer project, don’t do so before that time.  When creating an account at home, do not forget to log into the school’s subscription FIRST (using the same login and password as the databases) before creating your new account (be sure to use your school ID for your personal ID in NoodleTools and create a password that will be easy for you to remember).