Pass/Fail Option Agreement for Semester 1

Attention Juniors and Seniors – Pass/Fail Option Agreement Form is available at the link below or outside the Guidance Office. Deadline to turn in the form is Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Any Junior or Senior may take up to a total of one elective class per semester OR one elective double period class for one semester as PASS/FAIL per year with the following stipulations:

  • Courses designated as required for graduation, or courses designated by any department that are not available for the PASS/FAIL option may not be taken as such.
  • Any student taking a course PASS/FAIL must have first completed the graduation requirements for courses in the department or be concurrently enrolled in a required class.
  • Credit only will be awarded for a pass in the course. There will be no grade calculated in the student’s grade point average (GPA) for this course. If a student takes a class Pass/Fail, and earns a D- or better, a “P” (PASS) goes on the transcript. The “P” does not affect the student’s GPA in any way. If a student takes a class Pass/Fail and earns an F, a “NC” (no credit) goes on the transcript. This NC does not affect the student’s GPA in any way.
  • The student is required to complete all papers/projects/tests/quizzes for this course.

Pass/Fail Option Agreement Form – Semester 1