Game Making Club


This club is for anyone who would like to create and play your own games. Members will:  Make your own games; Learn C# Object Oriented, Event driven architecture; Learn 3D Modeling; Learn UV Mapping and Texturing; Learn Master Level designing; Collaboratively build games in a small team; Use audio mixing; Create networking games; Build for PCs, Apple, Android, and other platforms and much, much more!  Check out our game at

Members are expected to attend a meeting at least once every other week. There is no previous experience needed, and you don’t have to bring anything. Just listen and ask questions if you don’t understand.

NOTE:  This club uses an object oriented programming and an event driven structure. While this might be different from other experiences of game programming (GameMaker or Scratch), members will quickly see the power and versatility of this game making approach.


To get updates about club activities, please visit our Google Classroom with code: 





Ballard, Dan
Faculty Advisory