Here we go, Wildcats! Below please find the Google calendar for our rehearsals! If you can’t remember what group you are in, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the cast list.  Also, if you haven’t signed up for Remind, please do so (if you have not received a message from Mrs. H yet, you are not on Remind). The link is here: See you soon!

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High School Musical Cast

Gabriella Montez: Meg Ciko

Martha Cox: Kate Guede

Taylor McKessie: Mia Sloan

Coach Bolton: Alexander Schroff

Troy Bolton: Cole Morris

Chad Danforth: Carter Grantham

Zeke Baylor: Gabe Meinert

Jason: Mason Walker

Ms. Darbus: Anna Schnetzler

Sharpay Evans: Carrigan Craig

Ryan Evans: Kyle Loring

Kelsi Neilsen: Lily Sturgell

Jack Scott: Caleb Gigous

Cyndra: TBA

Susan: Sammi Williams

Cathy: Kate Shoff

James: Connor Armistead

Alan: Jack Bradshaw

Ripper: Olivia Morris

Mongo: Brooklyn Marshall

Ms. Tenney/Moderator (VO): Sarah Mathes

Jocks (12): Amare Bell, Briar Cremeens, Lucas DeFrance, Carter Grantham, Liam McAllister, Gabe Meinert, Cole Morris, Jake Nelan, Kaiser Quick, Zach Schroeder, Solomon Schwarz, Mason Walker.

Cheerleaders (13): Brianna Bessert, Anna Donnelli, Lilly Dugan, Taylor Gardner, Morgan Genders, Sydney Goforth, Audrey Hodgen, Sarah Mathes, Sophie Simpson, Sierra Staab, Alayna Taylor, Sydney Walker, Lily Weinman.

Skater Dudes (13): Jordan Barker, Robin Blundell, Allison Bybee, Rayna Carpenter, Reigha Carpenter, Owen Friedlund, Carson Jones, Erica Laurent, Gabriella Lowrence, Brooklyn Marshall, Olivia Morris, Olivia Prunty, Lilianna Tejero.

Brainiacs (23): Ella Barr, Grant Bennington, Lana Brooks, Meg Ciko, Korina Crandell,, Marley Fandel, Andrew Foster, Rylie French, Kate Guede,  Adreanna Gudeman, Audrey Heil, Layne Jackson,  Katie Lalumandier, Zoie Roach-King, Elena Redgate, Alyssa Russell, AJ Schwarz, Mia Sloan, Ella Stivers, Ian Wallace, Kat Welch, Lily Wetterhus, Camryn Youngquist. 

Thespians (17): Connor Armistead, Jack Bradshaw, Elizabeth Clifford, Carrigan Craig, Reese Dosemagen, Caleb Gigous, Angeleena Kern, Kyle Loring, Mary-Claire Murray, Kylynn Murray, Skylar Rickard, Kate Shoff, Ruthie Stamm, Callie Sturgell, Lily Sturgell, Addison Suarez, Sammi Williams.