Cheerleading – Varsity Basketball

Who is eligible to belong?
Any MTHS high school student is able to try out for a cheerleading team.

How much does it cost?
The cost varies year to year.

When is the typical season/camps/practices?
Cheerleaders are expected to participate in summer camps and practices as scheduled.  Football Cheerleaders cheer from August through November and Basketball Cheerleaders cheer November through March.

Why should students want to be involved?
It is fun!  Cheerleaders represent MTHS and promote school spirit!

How does a person go about getting involved?
Tryouts are held typically in the Spring for the following season.  For additional questions please contact one of the coaches listed in the contact section of this page.


Metamora School Song 

Doty, Lisa

Head Cheer Coach
Business:  309-367-4151 x 532

Jewell, Jennifer

Assistant Coach