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Girls Cross Country


Who is eligible to belong in your sport/activity? Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, boys and girls. No experience needed!

What do we do and how much does it cost? We are a well-respected cross country program in the state of Illinois. Races are usually 3 miles (cannot be more than 3.1). Practice, as well as meet clothing is provided. Runners purchase their own running shoes. During the season long sleeved shirts are often purchased by the runners–this is optional! There is a small fee for the “picnic” 1st Saturday of the season and for the Banquet at the end of the season with meal for runners, family and friends.

When is the typical season/camps/practices? The season begins in mid- to early August (date set by IHSA). Meets begin late August, first of September and last until the State meet which is either the first or second Saturday in November. It is recommended to run during the summer to prepare for the season. Once the season starts, practices or meets are scheduled every day except Sunday.

Where do you meet/practice? Practice is held at Black Partridge Park — 1.5 miles from the school. Run to the park, practice, run to the school. The 3 miles are part of practice. Meets are held at Black Partridge Park. We ride the bus to and from Away Meets.

Why should students want to be involved? Running benefits you and is a healthy lifestyle. This is an activity you can continue doing your entire life. Cross Country involves team work–working with peers to accomplish a common goal. It involves development of self-discipline to accomplish individual goals. Many former runners make the statement “what they learned in cross country was life skills that got them through rough times in their life.”

How does a person go about getting involved? Contact Head Coach Gene Jones at or call MTHS at 309-367-4151 and leave your info on how Coach Jones can contact you.

Everyone can run — Everyone can improve —
Everyone can achieve realistic goals in their life — Everyone can be a “winner”!!



Team Meals – A PDF file has been added to the team files tab on this webpage.  This PDF file has a list of what each class should bring to a team meal pasta party.

Team Files:

Directions to Away Meets
Directions to the Cross Country Meets
MTHS Female Cross Country Runners from 1970 to Present:  I have compiled this list of the Female Cross Country Runners of MTHS from 1970 until the Present and I believe it to be correct but could have missed a runner here or there.  If you are looking at this and find a mistake please contact me at the e-mail address on the Cross Country Web Site.  I will be most happy to check it out and get back with you.
Team Meals

Jones, Gene
Bachfischer, Pete

Assistant Coach

Mellican, Jess

Assistant Coach

2017 Meet Schedule