2nd Semester Final Exam Information & Schedule

Second semester finals will be Tuesday, May 31st, and Wednesday, June 1st. Students please remember to bring a book or other study materials to use should you complete your exam early.  No hall passes will be issued during exam times. Buses will run at normal times (3:15 pm) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students riding the bus should report to the commons after their last final.


If a student has a Study Hall Period 1, or Period 5 they may arrive at school at 9:30. If a student has a Study Hall Period 4 or Period 8 they may leave school at 11:55.  Students who leave school early may not return until the next school day but may return for a practice/meeting/rehearsal.  Buses will run at the regular times.  Students are to be in school for their classes during these two days as teachers will be delivering academic material or a final exam.

MTHS Students Show at the Mid-Illini Art Show

A select number of MTHS student artists participated in the annual Mid Illini Art Show. Pekin High School hosted this year’s show at the Peoria Public Library. Each school that participated in the art show could only submit 26 total pieces. The following students were selected to represent MTHS and MTHS is so proud of these talented artists!

Kaitlin Wood
Bee Scannell
Valerie Jones – Honorable Mention Award
Macy Foster
Sydney Goforth
Ava Covington
Bella Signore – Honorable Mention Award
Morgan Viggers – Merit Award Winner
Madelyn Cooksey
Syril Kiefner
Beck Kimbro – Honorable Mention Award
Jordan Darm
Rachel Cardin – Merit Award Winner
Elle Sidlinger
Jessica McMurtrey – Honorable Mention Award
Nick Vespa – Honorable Mention Award
Julia Harper
Ryann Robinson – Merit Award Winner
Madison Trier
Kate Hunt

Pass/Fail Option Agreement Forms Available


Seniors – Forms are due no late than Thursday, May 12, 2022 before 3:30 pm

Juniors – Forms are due no later than Thursday, June 2, 2022 before 3:30 pm

Any Junior or Senior may take up to a total of one elective class per semester OR one elective double period class for one semester as PASS/FAIL per year with the following stipulations:

  1. Courses designated as required for graduation, or courses designated by any department are not available for the PASS/FAIL option may not be taken as such.
  2. Any student taking a course PASS/FAIL must have first completed the graduation requirements for courses in that department or be concurrently enrolled in a required class.
  3. Credit only will be awarded for a pass in this course. There will be no grade calculated in the student’s grade point average (GPA) for this course.  If a student takes a class Pass/Fail, and earns a D- or better, a “P”(PASS) goes on the transcript.  The “P” does not affect the student’s GPA in any way. If a student takes a class Pass/Fail and earns an F, a “NC”(no credit) goes on the transcript. This NC does not affect the student’s GPA in any way.
  4. The student is required to complete all papers/projects/tests/quizzes for this course.

Any student wishing to take a course PASS/FAIL must turn in the form to the Guidance Office.  Forms are available outside the Guidance Office. Seniors, the form must be turned in to the Guidance Office no later than Thursday, May 12th before 3:30 pm and Juniors, the form must be turned in to the Guidance Office no later than Thursday, June 2, 2022 before 3:30 pm.

This must be done with the formal agreement signed by student, parent and a guidance counselor. The grade will not be changed to Pass/Fail until after the end of the grading period. This will enable the parents to see the actual grade earned. Forms are available by clicking on the link and are located in the Guidance Office.  2021-2022 Pass/Fail Option Agreement Form

Class of 2026 – Incoming Freshmen Message

MTHS is excited to welcome the Class of 2026!

On Monday, February 7, 2022, students and parents attended a high school orientation program hosted by MTHS. Students and parents received information regarding the course selection process, course options, the driver’s education program, graduation requirements, and other additional information to assist in navigating and enjoying the high school experience.  The administration and guidance teams shared specific information regarding the academic opportunities and expectations at Metamora Township High School.  A pdf of the orientation presentation is available at this link:  Class of 2026 Parent Orientation




2021-2022 COVID Updates


Athletic Announcement

All athletes that have tested positive for COVID must have a doctor’s release in order to return to practices and/or competitions. (2/15/2022)


IDPH Guidance for COVID-19


 Back-To-School Plan for 2021-2022


 COVID Counseling Services


 Social Emotional Resources




MTHS Athletes – Are you planning on playing in college?

MTHS Athletes, would you like to continue to play your sport in college? Learn about the academic requirements for Division I, II, III, NAIA and Jr. Colleges by viewing the link below.  The presentation explains the academic requirements, registration process (if needed), and scholarship considerations. If you  have any questions contact Mr. Garry Finch at gfinch@mths.us. Learn what it takes to play sports at the next level! Link to presentation:  Playing College Sports