Career Exploration

5/11/16 (Wednesday B) and 5/12/16 (Thursday A)

Wednesday is late-start day so shortened schedules.
Continue to work on your Famous Person or College Research project.

5/9/16 (Monday B) and 5/10/16 (Tuesday A)

Continue working on your Prezi for either your famous person or the college of your choice. Go through and get all of the easy information first, then start digging for the information that may be more difficult to find.

5/5/16 (Thursday B) and 5/6/16 (Friday A)

Thursday is the Awards Assembly so we only have 30-minute classes for B day.
We are going to begin a Prezi presentation. Go to and find a template that you would like to use for this project. Then you will choose from a Famous Person or a College that you would like to research. There is an A-Z file for each listed below that you should use to guide your research. You do not have to research these things in order, but your Prezi should go from A-Z on the slides.

5/3/16 (Tuesday B) and 5/4/16 (Wednesday A)

First half of class – Finish your research project for your chosen profession. Print Slides 28, 29, and 30 after you change the settings to Handouts 4 slides per page horizontal and change the page orientation to horizontal. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THIS WHEN YOU TURN IT IN.
Second half of class – at about the half-way point, I will explain to you HOW you should go about choosing a song for your presentation. You may use the remaining time to search for songs (only ones with lyrics appropriate for a high-school classroom).

4/29/16 (Friday B) and 5/2/16 (Monday A)

I will be absent on Friday. The sub will show you an episode of Dirty Jobs. Please make sure that your phones are put away and that you are paying attention.

4/27/16 (Wednesday B) and 4/28/16 (Thursday A)

Wednesday (B day) is late start.
Continue on with the project for your chosen career on slides 28, 29, and 30. Look at the handout provided to see how these slides should be set up. Remember that you will have TWO interviews for your profession.

4/25/16 (Monday B) and 4/26/16 (Tuesday A)

Slide 27 = Summary
Slides 28, 29, 30 = Research on your chosen career with information obtained from Career Cruising. We will be working on these three slides for today and next time. If your dream job is still the career you really think you want, that is fine, but for purposes of this assignment, you will need to pick your second choice.

4/19/16 (Tuesday B) and 4/20/16 (Wednesday A)

No Bellwork today.

4/18/16 (Monday A&B combined)

Joint Driver’s Ed day in the parking lot outside Mr. Brockhouse’s room. Bring your jacket because we will be outside and standing around. Let’s hope it is really nice.

4/15/16 (Friday A&B combined)

Joint Driver’s Ed day with Farm Safety people in Mr. Brockhouse’s room and outside (bring a jacket).

4/14/16 (Thursday A&B Combined)

Joint day of Driver’s Ed – in the auditorium with County Sheriff.

4/12/16 (Tuesday B) and 4/13/16 (Wednesday A)

Wednesday is LATE START so “A” day will have shortened schedule.
No Bellwork today.
Create slide #25. Go find an image or word art for the saying that starts out as, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words . . .” Be sure to cite the source, but expand this to fill up
Create slide #26. In the middle we are going to go to a website named to create a piece of word art that contains 10 of our top values. Use your top three values from Slide 23 and your top three values from Slide 24 (but leave out family and friends, I know they will be on everyone’s lists) and then use four words from your Bellwork file or from this website. Help each other figure out how to make this look really cool.
Print Slides 23-26 as Handouts, 4 slides horizontal, and change to landscape orientation. Make sure your name is on it and turn it into my basket.

4/8/16 (Friday B) and 4/11/16 (Monday A)

Bellwork: We will watch this video together. Go to Google and find a Life is Good image that you like and paste it into your box in your bellwork file. Then tell me two things that stuck out to you about this video. What do you think some of his values would be?
Assignment: Go to this website and find 10 values that you want to drive your life. Type these 10 values into your Bellwork file.
Take this quiz on values. Look at Slide #24 on the board (or from the file below) to format your results on your slide.

4/6/16 (Wednesday B) and 4/7/16 (Thursday A)

Bellwork:  “B” Section only – print slides 17-20 as Handouts, 4 slides per page, Horizontal orientation. These should print on one piece of paper. Make sure your name is on it and turn it in. It should have Career Matchmaker, O*Net Interest Profiler, Top Matching Career Clusters, and Personality Type.
“A” Section there is no bellwork for you since you have already printed these out before we left for Spring Break.
Assignment 1: Create Slide #22 in your I AM presentation. Choose two jobs that you actually think you might want to do and look them up in Career Cruising and click the Suitable for You link on the left. Scroll down the page and find the Ability Profiler for this specific job overlaid with your results. Do a screen shot and put it on Slide #22. Add a text box below each of the two charts to label the job, tell whether you think it is a good fit or not and why, and then list at list three related careers. We will print this out next time.
Assignment 2: Go to this website and find the inventory for your values. Choose one word out of each pair to state your preference. Fill in the information at the end of the page to see your results. Look at Slide #23 on the board (or from the file below) to see what your results should look like.

4/4/16 (Monday B) and 4/5/16 (Tuesday A)

Open up a new Bellwork file below. Save it as Bellwork4. We will watch three short videos on volunteering together. Then you will choose at least five to watch on your own. (Click on the CNN Heroes link on the right) In your new Bellwork file, type two sentences summarizing what you watched in each video.

3/23/16 (Wednesday B) and 3/24/16 (Thursday A)

Wednesday is a late start day.
Today we will finish the Ability Profiler in Career Cruising. All three of the final tests are speed tests so answer as many as you can, but you will most likely not finish. Do your best.
You will get your results when you finish test #6. Create slide #21 like the one on the board.
Have a wonderful Spring Break.

3/22/16 (Tuesday A & B Combined)


3/18/16 (Friday B) and 3/21/16 (Monday A)

In Career Cruising, we will be taking the Verbal Ability and Spatial Reasoning portions of the Ability Profiler test. If you are absent, you will have to make it up during class time so that I can assign you a code.
After you are finished with these two portions of the test, begin answering the questions for the My Skills portion in Career Cruising. This is your own opinion of your skills. You will find it under the Matchmaker section. (There should be a link that says to start the My Skills portion).
If you have any makeup work to do, please do so. Check Skyward to see what you are missing.

3/16/16 (Wednesday B) and 3/17/16 (Thursday A)

In Career Cruising, we will be taking the Arithmetic Reasoning portion of the Ability Profiler test. If you are absent, you will have to make it up during class time so that I can assign you a code.

3/14/16 (Monday B) and 3/15/16 (Tuesday A)

Bellwork: Open your Bellwork3 file and add another box if you need to. We will watch this video together. After you take the quiz below, come back to your bellwork file and enter your actual code.

Today we are going to discover your Personality Type and how that plays into your choice of jobs. Click on this link here and answer all 64 questions that follow. Do a screen capture of the white box that shows your four-digit code. Look up the name of this four-digit code and create Slide #20 in your I AM presentation (see the example on the screen or in the example I AM presentation below).

Do a Google search for your 4-digit code and the words FAMOUS PEOPLE. On the Celebrity Types web page, you will get famous people, as well as a link for the description of your personality type. Copy the description on your slide, as well as find FIVE famous people on your list.

Then do a Google search for CAREERS for this 4-digit code. Build a list of 5 on your slide. The Ball State University site is a good one. It has LOTS of careers listed for each personality type.

3/10/16 (Thursday B) and 3/11/16 (Friday A)

Bellwork: Take out a half sheet of paper and write the name of the BEST video that you watched the last time you were here (one that you would recommend that your peers would watch). Write the topic of that video and then summarize the contents of that video in 2-3 sentences. Finally, rate that video on a scale of 1-10 on how strongly you feel that this is an awesome video to show to your peers.
Assignment: We are going to watch the first 18 minutes of this video talking about being in your element. You will hear Sir Ken Robinson talk about a concert pianist, Terrance Tao, a fireman, Bart Connor, and how you discover what it means to be in your element. Be prepared to summarize each of these things in your Bellwork3 file.

3/8/16 (Tuesday B) and 3/9/16 (Wednesday A)

Wednesday is a late start day. Open your Bellwork3 assignment in Word. If you were not here when we last created it, go to the bottom of my page and get a new copy from the master.

I want you to place something in each of the four remaining boxes today and PRINT this sheet out before you leave (make sure that it fits on one page).

Find one video from Evan Carmichael’s YouTube page. He has tons of inspirational videos, including Top 10 Rules for Success from lots of different famous people. Choose one that is about 15 minutes long and summarize it in Box #2 on your Bellwork sheet.

​Find one video from

3/4/16 (Friday B) and 3/7/16 (Monday A)

Bellwork: Let’s watch this video about Career Clusters. Assignment: We will be taking one last INTEREST inventory today. Today’s responses will show up in categories called Career Clusters. There are 16 different clusters of careers. Click here to take this inventory. Do a Google search for “Career Clusters NAME OF CLUSTER Careers”
Create Slide #19 like show on the board (or in my example below). SAVE this when you are done. We will print next week.

3/2/16 (Wednesday B) and 3/316 (Thursday A)

Bellwork: Let’s watch this video and respond to it in our Bellwork file (you will need to open a new one today and save it as Bellwork3).
Assignment: Take the O-Net Career Interest Inventory by clicking this link here. Create a new slide based on these results (#18).
Take a screen shot of your results and add it to Slide #18, like in the example below.
Then, click on the button that says Find More Careers. Choose your predominant area and click on the zone button at the top. Find at least one career within each zone.
Repeat this process for your second-highest area.

2/29/16 (Monday B) and 3/1/16 (Tuesday A)

Bellwork: Let’s watch this video from Sam Berns, a sufferer of progeria, and respond to it in your Bellwork Assignment document. Make sure your Bellwork document fits on one page and print it out.
Assignment: Let’s continue on with the theme of finding out what you are interested in. Go to Career Cruising and login. Click Assessments and then choose Career Matchmaker. Give this session a name of 2/29/16. Answer all 116 questions (three batches, each one better refines your results. Button on the left says, “Answer More Questions”) Create a new Slide #17 which looks like the one on the board (or in the I AM presentation below). NO PRINT NEEDED TODAY.
If time remains, finish your nine slides from the previous two sessions. Remember to print all nine slides on one page. Otherwise, find something educational and productive to do.

2/25/16 (Thursday B) and 2/26/16 (Friday A)

Bellwork: none today
Assignment: To continue on with one of Steve Jobs’ themes from his speech, let’s figure out what you LOVE to do. Create Slides 12-16 by answering these stem questions. When you are finished, print slides 8-16 ONLY using Handouts 9 slides per page. Also, change the page orientation to landscape. MAKE SURE TO SWITCH YOUR SETTINGS BEFORE PRINTING. I want one sheet of paper, not nine sheets of paper for every student.

  1. I love to look at books or magazines about _______________ when I go to the bookstore or library.
  2. I love to: [list 10 things in a numbered format] (Use one of your selfies on this page)
  3. I was deeply inspired when _______________. I feel the need to _________________ because of it.
  4. I would love to spend an hour with ___[famous person, dead or alive]___ because __________.
  5. My two favorite classes are ____ and ____. My two least favorite classes are _______ and ______.
2/23/16 (Tuesday B) and 2/24/16 (Wednesday A)

Wednesday is a LATE START DAY.
If you check Skyward, you will see some missing assignments (because we haven’t printed yet) and you may see some zeroes. If you are missing anything, just print that particular slide and turn it in. No penalty.
We are going to print Slides 2 and 4 together. In your Print Properties, change to Print Custom Range, then type 2,4. ALSO change from Print Full Slides to Print Handout 2 Slides per page.
Assignment: Let’s watch this video of Steve Jobs’ Commencement address at Stanford University in 2005. He died in 2011. When we are finished, let’s see if there are any dots we can connect at this point in your life. Answer the following questions by creating Slides 8, 9, 10, and 11 in your presentation. Each slide should have your statement, along with at least one clipart or photo that has been cited.

  1. I wanted to be a ________ when I was little.
  2. I loved to play ____(games or with friends)__________.
  3. I loved to play with ______(toys)_______________.
  4. I was fascinated by __(what kind of object or task)_____________.
2/22/16 (Monday is a COMBINED B & A DAY)

EVERYONE goes to the auditorium for a driver’s ed presentation on Motorcycle Safety.

2/18/16 (Thursday B) and 2/19/16 (Friday A)

We will be looking at the eight different ways of being intelligent. We will take an inventory to see what our strongest intelligences are. Here is our introduction, in video form.

Then, we will take the inventory here. Make a new slide in your Powerpoint to record your top three, along with your number. Type five good study habits for a person with this intelligence. Find at least three jobs that would be good for someone with that intelligence. Do a Google search to find this out.

2/16/16 (Tuesday B) and 2/17/17 (Wednesday A)

We are all smart in different ways and learn in different ways. Together we will watch this video.

Then, we are going to take the Learning Styles Inventory in Career Cruising. Create Slide #6 (see example below) to identify your strongest learning style(s). Do a Google search and find 10 study techniques that would fit with your learning style.

At the bottom, identify one test coming up in the next week. Describe which class this is and what test you are studying for. Choose two of the strategies above that you will use to study for this test.

Print Slide #6 ONLY.

2/11/16 (Thursday B) and 2/12/16 (Friday A)


  • Click here to log in to the Strengths test that we started last time.
  • Open the I AM presentation example at the bottom of this page and look at Slide 5 to see how you should set this up. (Select the slide layout of Title and Content. Help each other set up the table, as needed.)
  • Look back at instructions from 2/9/16 to see what to put in the table.
  • Save your presentation and print ONLY page 5 and turn in my basket.
  • Please help each other if there are any questions.

Grab your own earphones or a pair of headphones from the top drawer (by my fridge in the back). Listen to one of the three videos and choose a person to listen to. Open your bellwork assignment sheet and summarize five questions from the career person you choose to listen to from one of these three videos. Video Choice 1 Video Choice 2 Video Choice 3
If you finish (there is plenty here, however), you may go to YouTube to look up videos of people from your dream job being interviewed. (No funny cat videos today) You may also go to the How Stuff Works page. Keep yourself productive, just like any good employee would do, even if the boss is away.

2/9/16 (Tuesday B) and 2/10/16 (Wednesday A)

Wednesday is LATE START.
none today. I want you to have time to finish the assignment.
Assignment: Open this inventory and answer all 170 questions. There are no right or wrong answers, only what you believe. After you enter all of the answers, put your name and email and a password at the bottom to get your results. Print ONLY page 1 of your results. Pull out your earphones (or borrow headphones from me) and listen to the small video that accompanies each and every one of your strengths.
Transfer your results to Slide 5 of your I AM presentation like is shown on the board (or on Slide 5 of the example at the bottom in the file section).

  • Use the column called Strength Potential to list it as your “Strength.”
  • Summarize the Description column to put in the “What it Means” column.
  • Give me one concrete example from your personal life for each one.
  • Make sure you save your presentation. We will finish this during our next class period.
2/5/16 (Friday B) and 2/8/16 (Monday A)

Bellwork: Let’s watch this video together. Open your bellwork assignment sheet and summarize what Shawn Achor has to say about happiness. Then write:

  • three good things that have happened to you in the last 24 hours.
  • relive one positive experience that has happened to you within the last 24 hours by writing 3-4 sentences ABOUT the details of that experience.
  • one email to someone is your world thanking them for doing something for you or being there for you. I want you to actually write the email to someone but I want you to tell me who this person is (you don’t have to give a specific name) and why you wrote to them (in your journal).

If you have time remaining, you can go back to putting pictures on your Vision Board or any other make-up work that you have remaining.

2/4/16 (Thursday Combined A&B)


2/2/16 (Tuesday B) and 2/3/16 (Wednesday A)

Bellwork: Today we are going to talk about Vision Boards.  To get us started, we will be watching these three videos (approximately 16 minutes combined). Pep-talk from Kid President Steve Harvey’s Vision Board How to Create a Vision Board
On Slide 4 of your I AM presentation, put together your own Vision Board. Copy and paste pictures from the Internet of the following:

  1. What do you want to BE?
  2. What do you want to DO?
  3. What do you want to HAVE?

I would like you to have at least one picture of yourself on this board (in the middle). You can use one of your selfies. Then, I need to see at least 10-15 other pictures meeting the criteria above.

1/29/16 (Friday B) and 2/1/16 (Monday A)

Watch this video here and here. Watch this video about Co-op. (No bellwork journal entry needed today)

Talk about the success stories of co-op years past.
Talk about Caterpillar internships.
Talk about ICC Work Force Prep.
Finish your Four-Year Plan. Double-check your list against p. 1 of the Student Course Guide.
Have someone else double-check your list against p. 1 of the guide.
Print it out and turn it in.
If time remains, you may pull out your headphones or borrow mine and use this as video time. This is not time for free video surfing. Your choice of video topics is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, How to improve the area you specified as one where you needed to grow, Growth Mindset, How to set SMART goals, Career Interviews with people who are in your chosen profession, Mike Rowe’s SWEAT pledge, How to Pay for College, Investigate a college of your choice. If you find a 5-10 minute video that would apply to all students, please email a link to me at You must find and submit three videos before the end of the semester.

1/27/16 (Wednesday B) and 1/28/16 (Thursday A)

Wednesday is LATE START day so “B” day will be slightly short on time.
We will watch this 4-minute video on Growth Mindset here. Open your Bellwork 2 file to respond. What limiting belief do you have about yourself? What are some ways that you could overcome this limiting belief?
Assignment: Open your Powerpoint I AM presentation. Go to your Suggested High School Plan on slide 3. Open Word and go to your own document named My Four-Year Plan. (Last time we did Eng, Math, Sci, SS). We will continue on today with other graduation requirements. (PE, Foreign Language, Vocational, Fine Arts, Consumer Ed)

1/25/16 (Monday B) and 1/26/16 (Tuesday A)

Bellwork: Watch this 6-minute video How Incredibly Successful People Think here. Summarize in a couple of sentences of what you think about this video. Also, what is ONE academic goal that you have for yourself. What is ONE thing that you can do THIS WEEK to achieve this goal.
Assignment: Open the file below named My Four-Year Plan and put your name and section number in the Title area. Save it to your Careers folder. Fill in all of your Freshmen year classes for both semesters. Save it again. Click on the Student Resources link (on the left-hand side of the MTHS page) and go to the 2016-2017 Course Catalog. On page 1, you will see the graduation requirements for MTHS. On page 4, there is a listing of Dual Credit classes and AP classes. On page 10, you will find the Table of Contents to get to each department of classes. Together, we will begin filling in the classes for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

1/21/16 (Thursday B) and 1/22/16 (Friday A)

Bellwork: Open a new version of the Bellwork Assignment at the bottom of the page. Save it as Bellwork 2. Type your name and section # in the heading. Type this prompt, “Habit #2 of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits is Begin with the End in Mind. Here is what I got out of this video and one vision I have for my life.” Watch this 16-minute video clip here.
Assignment: Get logged into Career Cruising Click the down arrow next to “Log In to My Plan” Click on the side where it says, “Create My Plan” Put in your ACTUAL information and do not make up stuff. Use your school email address. Use the format like this when you set up your username “FirstNameLastNameMTHS” and then use your student ID for your password. Search for your Dream Job again and SAVE IT to your SAVED careers. Click on Education and scroll all the way down to the Sample High School Plan. Get it all to fit on the screen and do a screen capture. Go to your Powerpoint and get a new blank slide and paste your screen capture on it. Click Crop from the Format menu and get rid of the excess around the information. Put a title on this slide with the following specifications: turned vertically, new font, size, bold, shadow, sized to fit the box.

1/19/16 (Tuesday B) and 1/20/16 (Wednesday A)

MLK Birthday – No School – Monday, 1/18/16

We will watch this five-minute video clip. Type this prompt, “After watching Martin Luther King’s video of I Have a Dream, here are my thoughts about a dream that I have.” Save AND PRINT your Bellwork Assignment sheet. BEFORE you print, make sure it fits on one page.

Classroom Policies:
Some more classroom rules: (1) NO FOOD, drinks only if you have a lid on your container.
(2) NO Games or YouTube or Texting. Acceptable use of extra time include: homework from another class, reading a book, How Stuff Works website, MTHS webpage, something ACADEMIC in nature.

Open MS Powerpoint and open your I AM Presentation.
Add a new slide with “My Dream Job is ______________” Fill in the blank with your dream job.
Login to Career Cruising with the given information and look up that job.
Fill in the slide like the one on the board (or at the bottom in the file section named Dream Job).

1/14/16 (Thursday B) and 1/15/16 (Friday A)

Bellwork: Watch this short video. In your Bellwork Assignment, type the prompt: “After watching the Ashton Kutcher video, here is a summary and my thoughts about it.”
Assignment: Choose one selfie to put on the title page of your presentation. Modify your selfie in PicMonkey with a feature that I can tell that you changed. Add a banner, speech bubble, or some sort of box FIRST. Then add a text box which says, “I AM FirstName LastName”. Change the font, size, color, location, etc. Save your PicMonkey modified photo to your drive. Open MS Powerpoint to create a new Presentation. Put a template background design of your choice on your slideshow. Import this selfie onto your first slide in Powerpoint.

1/11/16 (Monday B) and 1/13/16 (Wednesday A)

SNOW DAY 1/12/16 and LATE START DAY 1/13/16 (A) Bellwork​: We are going to watch a video together. Respond to the video in your Bellwork Assignment file in Word. Type in this prompt: “After watching the video “How Great I Am,” here are my thoughts.”
(1) Email your selfies to your school email address.
(2) Get logged into your school email account
(3) Open the email that you sent to yourself.
(4) Save your selfies to your Careers folder on your subdirectory.
(5) If we have time, we will go to

1/7/16 (Thursday B) and 1/8/16 (Friday A)

Bellwork: Open Microsoft Word from the launcher and open your own document (the one we created the last time you were here) that we named Bellwork Assignment 1. Put today’s date in for Day 2. Type in this statement, “Warren Buffett believes that each one of us was born a winner with a Golden Ticket just because we were born in the United States of America.” Now, tell me whether you believe this to be true or not and why. Remember, I am looking for at least three to four complete sentences in your response.
Assignment: Go over 5 pass limit. We are going on a Field Trip!!!!! We are going around the school to take SELFIES!!!!

1/5/16 (Tuesday B) and 1/6/16 (Wednesday A)

Section B = 42, 43, 44
Section A = 22, 23, 24
Supplies Needed: Earbuds (or earphones)
Find your seat on the seating chart. Get logged in using your own login information.
Open the file below named Bellwork Assignment MASTER. Put your name and section number on the document (in the header). Create a new subdirectory under the COMPUTER tab (NOT documents) and name it Careers. Save this document as Bellwork Assignment 1.
Where it says Day 1, erase this and put in today’s date. On the same line as the date, type the question that is on the board. As a class, we will watch these video clips about Carpe Diem.
Carpe Diem 1
Carpe Diem 2
Carpe Diem 3

Using three-four complete sentences, state your opinion and then give me evidence to back up your opinion.
Spend the last few minutes of class getting to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself.