College Planning – Grade 10

College Planning – Grade 10

Education pays …  Education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates

Talk to Your Teachers and Counselors
Talk to your guidance counselor or teachers about the following:
Reviewing the high school curriculum needed to satisfy the requirements of the colleges you are interested in attending

Update Your Document File
Update your file or start one if you haven’t already. Take a look at the Grade 9 timeline for a list of what your document file should contain.

Participate in Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities and Enrichment Programs
*Continue extracurricular activities, as admissions officers look at students’ extracurricular and volunteer activities when considering them for admission. Record your activities in your Portfolio.
*Continue participation in academic enrichment programs, summer workshops, and camps with specialty focuses such as music, arts, science, etc.

Save your money


The PSAT is a preliminary SAT exam administered to all MTHS sophomores. This test measures basic academic development in the areas of English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning. Results include a prediction of SAT test.

After you get your results focus on improving your weak areas

Start Thinking About the Colleges
Start exploring your college options and thinking about the colleges you might want to attend.

Once you have narrowed down the list of colleges and universities in which you are interested, consider taking a tour of the campuses.