Computer Programming I

More Review for Final Exam

After you finish your project, look at this video. Choose one aspect at a time to code.

Health Counter

Accurate Targeting System  – Part 1 – Part 2

Projectile Tutorial
Lists 11/5/2013
click on this link here to watch a demonstration of Lists. Create this example along with the video. So pause the video and update your own version of this program as you go along.
Monday 11/4/13 Collision Detection
click on this link RIGHT HERE to watch a video on how to avoid collision. Let me know if it is helpful.

Open THIS FILE, and click on the link. It is a YouTube video so I don’t know if it will work. Will you please let me know.

Wednesday 10/30/13
Open the file below called 6 Graveyard Tour with Custom Methods.
Sub is here 10/28/13
Hi everybody,

I am hoping that you will all jump on the Internet and try to find out how to do create an event using a key-press event.

Our scene has a biplane (vehicles) in midair and some objects on the ground (house, barn, fences, cornfields from the Buildings and Farm folders).
A guidance system will allow the user to be the pilot.
The plane has controls the allow the pilot to maneuver the plane forward, left, and right.
We also want the plane to perform a popular show stunt called a barrel turn.

Create a flyForwardmethod for WHEN the up arrow key is pressed.
Create a barrelTurn method for WHEN the space-bar is pressed.
Create a new event for each of these methods for when a key is pressed

Add flyLeft and flyRightevent-handling methods for the left and right arrow keys to steer the plane left or right.
Add a forwardLoopstunt that works when the user presses the Enter key.
Save with the filename 7 Biplane with Events

Save the previous version again with a new name called 7 Events with Biplane Alternate Version
Remove the events that link the arrow keys toflyForward,flyLeft, andflyRight event handling methods.
In the Events editor, create a new event by selecting let the arrow keys move <subject>.
Then link the biplane. Run the flight simulator again to see the effect.


Have a wonderful day. Oh, and don’t forget to help each other!!
See you tomorrow!!

Graded Assignment 09-05-13
Penguin jumping onto table at halfway point, walking off the other end and jumping back down. Use your function for DISTANCE TO, TABLE HEIGHT, TABLE WIDTH, etc.
Graded Assignment 1 – 8-27-13
Table, Chairs, Alice, and the Magic Broom. After you have finished this assignment, export the world to a VIDEO. Email to me this video file.
Monday 8/26/2013
Take notes in MS Word.

Save it in a File named Notes Chapter 2.

Use your notes as you do the homework assignment that you can find at this link.

Perform the assignment for Table, Chairs, and Magic Broom.
Export the code to an HTML file.
Export the video to a file.
Email both the HTML and video files to me at

I am looking for the correct actions, but I am looking for correct naming conventions and comment lines.

Friday 8/23/13
Continue to build a world in Alice.