COVID-19 Counseling Services

Hello Students and Families!

We know how important it is for our students to continue connecting with school staff, especially during stressful times.  We want you to know whether school is in-person or online, there are supports available at MTHS to help navigate school changes, difficult emotions, and other mental health issues. If a student is struggling with emotional issues at this time, please know that our school counselors are available. Once a student reaches out to them by phone or email they will determine if an in-person or virtual meeting is needed. If you know of someone struggling emotionally, you can also reach out to a counselor directly or use the online report form on the website that you can complete anonymously. This form is called the Mental Health Concern Form and can be found under the “Students” tab. We encourage students to reach out if they or someone close to them is struggling during these uncertain times. We care about all students and their academic and social-emotional functioning. Below is a list of extensions and emails of the counseling staff at MTHS.

Name Title 309-367-4151
plus extension
Email Address
Jennifer Jewell Dir. of Student Services 524
Melissa Stalter Social Worker 554
Jeaneen Bohanan
Counselor 550
Malinda Brown
Counselor 552
Garry Finch
Counselor 553
Dana Smith
Counselor 557