CTE – Intro to Votech – Graphic Arts

Introduction to VoTech

Graphic Arts

As part of the Intro-to-VoTech rotation schedule, students spend six weeks in this Graphic Arts class where they learn the basics of typesetting, graphic design, newspaper, ad design, and photo restoration. Students also learn to use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, as well as how to safely operate the printing press, paper cutter, jogger and various other equipment to print out their own business cards and memo pads. This class gives students a good introduction to the Graphic Communications field. Interested students can then continue on to the regular Graphic Arts class beginning their Sophomore year or sign up for other courses in the Graphic Communications field, such as Digital Imaging, Video Production, Advanced Graphic Arts and Production Graphic Arts.

At the end of six weeks, students rotate into another CTE class until they have completed a total of five other classes besides Graphic Arts: Woods, Metals, Ag/Small Engines, Drafting, and Electronics.


Welcome to Intro to VoTech!
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Class Links

B&A Magazine
Link to other videos on how to design cool stuff.
B&A Magazine Business Card Design
How to Design a Business Card Fast Video
These will inspire you.
Font Pair
Use this website to help you pair fonts.