Honors Senior English

Mrs. McCormick


NOTE: You will earn up to 400 points for your summer reading assignments. When looking at the number of points for the entire semester, this amount of points is really not that significant.  If you don’t complete the summer reading assignments, however, you will start the year with a ZERO and have a failing grade in the class for at least one month. You wil NOT be able to change your schedule to compensate for not doing the summer reading assignments. You may also jeopardize your chances of earning an A for the semester.  The summer reading assignments are due Friday, August 14, by 3:30 p.m..  I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK.

Choose ONE of the following books written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard to read:

    Killing Jesus          Killing Kennedy
Killing Lincoln      Killing Patton
Killing Reagan

Your summer reading assignments consist of THREE papers.  After reading one of the books, find the corresponding essay prompts and complete your written assignments.


The essays will be graded using the following rubric:

One-page minimum essays are worth 100 points each.  Use of specific details (citations) with examples explained (65 points), essay form (10 points), grammar/spelling (25 points)

Two-page minimum essay is worth 200 points.  Use of specific details, thesis (100 points), citations/source page (25 points), grammar and spelling (75 points)

Any questions about ANY part of the assignments should be directed to Mrs. McCormick through email (kmccorm@mths.us)