Graduation Requirements

Questions Concerning

Registration and MTHS Curriculum

How many years will it take to earn a high school diploma?

The requirement of four years is customary. A student must pass a full year of English and Physical Education senior year. The Senior year is a good time to take electives to better prepare for college or for the world of work. Metamora Township High School does not have a mid-year graduation ceremony.

How many courses must each student have on his/her schedule?

All students should take seven class periods. It is possible to sign up for eight classes. The student must realize that he/she is expected to take those classes and not just “drop” the extra class at a later date. The Guidance Department feels that a study hall is beneficial. Seniors may request first or eighth hour release. However, if that student’s grades reflect a need for a study hall, their release hour will be changed to a study hall. Administrators will make these decisions.

What is needed for graduation?

Four years of attendance and a minimum of twenty-two credits are needed for graduation.

A. Core Curriculum credits

The following shall be required for the Core Curriculum:

  1. Eight semesters of English
  2. Six semesters of Mathematics
  3. Six semesters of Science
  4. Six semesters of Social Studies including Civics Am. St./World Comparative St., World History, U.S. History, and pass the State and Federal Constitution exam
  5. Two semesters of Fine Arts
  6. Two semesters of Vocational Education
  7. Four semesters of Foreign Language or four additional semesters Vocational Ed.

B. Other State required courses for graduation

  1.  .25 semester of Driver’s Education (classroom)
  2. One semester of Consumer Education
  3. Eight semesters of Physical Education, one of which must be Health Education.

The Core Curriculum and the State required courses listed above will result in 19.75 credits of the 22.0 needed for graduation. However, the opportunity exists to earn more than 25 credits at MTHS. Transfer student’s credits for graduation will reflect, in part, the satisfactory completion of requirements of the sending school.

What classes will meet the core requirements at MTHS?

The following guideline should be used to ensure completion of all requirements. College-prep courses needed to enter some colleges may differ from the Science, Math, or English courses counted for graduation at MTHS. See Guidance with questions.

ENGLISH-8 semesters

  • Freshman Year – English I (year) or English I Honors (year)
  • Sophomore Year – English II (Communications/Composition)(year) or English II Honors (Communications/Composition)(year)
  • Junior Year – American Literature 1 & 2 (sem. each) or English Literature 1 & 2 (sem. each) or Honors American Literature 1 & 2 (sem. each) or Honors English Literature 1 & 2 (sem. each) or English III (year)
  • Senior Year – Senior English – Teacher Directed (year) or or Senior English – Self Directed (year) or or Honors Senior English 1 and Honors Senior English 2 or Honors Senior English AP (sem. each)


English Electives: (These courses are not to be used as credit for the 8 required semesters – they are electives only.)

— Humanities 1 & 2 (sem. each)
— Honors Humanities (sem.)
— Creative Writing (sem.)
— Collegiate Reading (sem.)

SOCIAL STUDIES-6 semesters

  • Freshman year    Civics/World Comparative Studies (year)
  • Sophomore year   World History (year) or Honors World History (year)
  • Junior Year      U.S. History (year) or Honors AP U.History (year)

Electives Jr/Sr Year:
— Honors Psychology (sem.)
— Contemporary Issues (sem.)
— Human Relationships (sem.)

FINE ARTS-2 semesters


— Art 1 2D (sem.)                                — Art 1 3D (sem.)
— Intermediate Art 2D (sem.)          — Intermediate Art 3D (sem.)
— Advanced Art (sem.)                      — Photography (sem.)


— Band (can take 4 years;)
— Treble Choir (girls Fr. year)              — Freshman Men’s Choir (year)
— Chorale (year)                                       — Concert Choir (year)
— Theory/History 1&2 (sem. each)      — Piano 1&2 (sem. each)
— Drumming (sem.)                                — Performing Arts (sem.)
— Accoustic Guitar (sem.)

MATHEMATICS-6 semesters

— Algebra I (year)
— Enriched Algebra I (year)
— Applied Geometry (year)
— Geometry (year)
— Honors Geometry (year)
— Algebra II (year)
— Honors Algebra II with Trig (year)
— Trigonometry & Math Modeling (sem.)
— Discrete Math (sem.)
— Honors Pre-Calculus (year)
— Honors Calculus AB (year)

—Honors Calculus BC (year)

SCIENCE-6 semesters

— General Science (year)
— Biology I (year)  or  Honors Biology I (year)
— Chemistry I (year) or Honors Chemistry I (year)
— Physics I (year) or Honors Physics I (year)
— Biology II (year)
— Integrated Science (year)
— Honors Chemistry II (sem.) [double period, 1 sem.]
— Honors Physics II (year)
— Honors Human Anatomy/Physiology (sem.) [double period, 1 sem.]

–Human Anatomy/Physiology (year)



— Basic Agricultural Science I (sem.)                    — Basic Agricultural Science II (sem.)
— Veterinary Technology I & II (sem. each)
— Agricultural Construction/Technology (sem.)
— Agricultural Mechanics/Technology (sem.)
— Horticultural Production/Management (sem.)
— Landscape Design/Turf Management (sem.)
— Agricultural Sales/Marketing (sem.)
— Agricultural Business Management (sem.)
— Supervised Agricultural Experience I & II (year each)

Auto Mechanics:

— Introduction to Auto Mechanics (sem.)
— Auto Mech. I (year)
— Auto Mech. II (year – double period = 2 credits)

Business Education:

— Accounting I (year)                    — PC Applications 1 (sem.)
— Accounting II (year)                  — PC Applications 2 (sem.)
— Keyboarding 1 (sem.)                — Computer programming 1 (sem.)
— Keyboarding 2 (sem.)                — Computer programming 2 (sem.)
— Web Page Design (sem.)

Family and Consumer Science:

— Family and Consumer Science 1 & 2 (sem.)
— Interior Design 1 & 2 (sem.)
— Parenting (sem.)
— Child Development (sem.)
— Child Care Services (sem. – double period = 1 year)
— Individual Sewing (sem. course, taken max of 4 times)
— Food Science 1 & 2 (sem. each)
— Chef and Restaurant Cooking (sem. – double period = 1 year)

— Introduction to Vo-Tec Education (year, 1st sem./2nd sem.)
— Electronics (sem.)                                        — Advanced Electronics(sem.)
— Intro to Engineering Design (year)          — Digital Electronics (year)
— Metals (sem.)                                                — Adv. Metals (sem.)
— Small Engines/Elec. Wiring (sem.)
— Welding (sem.)                                             — Adv. Welding (sem.)
— Production Welding (sem.)                        — Work Force Prep (sem.)
— Drafting (sem.)                                             — Engineering Drafting (year)
— Architectural Drafting (year)                     — Digital Imaging (sem.)
— Wood Technology (sem.)                            — Production Woods I (year)
— Production Woods II (year)                       — Digital Video Production 1 & 2 (sem.)
— Graphic Arts (sem.)                                     — Principles of Engineering (year)
— Adv. Graphic Arts (year)                            –Robots (sem)
— Production Graphic Arts (year)
–Co-Op Education (year – class & job schedule) [2 credits earned]

FOREIGN LANGUAGE-4 semesters or 4 additional semesters of vocational 

— Spanish I, II, III, IV (year each)
— German I, II, III, IV (year each)
— Honors Spanish I, II, III, IV (year each)
— Honors German I, II, III, IV (year each)


— Health Education (sem.)               — Physical Education (sem.) [7 sem. required]
— Driver Education Class (9 weeks)
— Medical Physical Education (as needed)
— Consumer Education (sem)
— Strategic Reading (year or proficiency out)


— Learning Strategies (1st sem.)           — Learning Strategies (2nd sem.)
— Math One (year)                                   — General Science One (year)
— Pre-Algebra (year)                                — General Science Two (year)
— Math Two (year)                                   — Health Education (sem.)
— Math Three    (year)                             — Vocational Education One (year)
— English One (year)                               — Vocational Education Two (year)
— English Two (year)                               — Work Study One (year)
— English Three (year)                            — Work Study Two (year)
— English Four (year)                              — Resource (sem.)
— Reading (year)                                      — Living Independently (year)
— Social Studies (year)                            — United States History (year)
–Career Explorations (year)                  — Career Communications (year)