Amazon Email Scam

Here is the text of the Amazon Email Scam. There is a file that comes attached to the email. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT!


Thank you for shopping with amazon we are sorry to inform you that regarding your account we are unable to link your credit card in your account.

We will close your account temporarily until we hear from you To protect your account, please download the attachment secure browser window and login from our secure internet connection.
Please don’t use a public computer or proxy to access your account.

We’re still unable to complete the review process of your account at this time. Please help us finish this process by completing the following steps:

1- Download the attachment secure browser window you will find it in this email

file name : 1266384020.html

2- Login to your account and reconfirmed your billing adresse.

3- Here at amazon we believe it is our duty to protect our customers as much as we can from any type of credit card fraud. In this case our fraud prevention team just requires the following information from you:


    •  A copy of the front and back of your credit card (please ONLY display the first and last 4 numbers on the front of the card along with the expiry date. You can cover the 3 digit CVV/ Security code on the back).


    •  A copy of the front and back of your ID/DL card or passport (we only need evidence of your name and address if stated. Please cover all other information as it is not required).


    •  You must provide a Selfi Picture & Photo of your Card Idendity where we can see your fullname and pic.


  •  Make one photo with credit card and ID or DL next to the white sheet on which they write ” agree to verification amazon ” your First name and Last name , today’s date and you verfication ID    Example : Im Will Smith agree to verification amazon  in 01/01/2017 , ID #5555

Please don’t worry about it . We just need the information to confirm you’re the holder of the credit card. help us by completing the required steps within 5 days from the date you receive this email.
If we receive no response within 5 days, we will remove your account for security reason.

After you complete these steps, we will review your information and contact you about the status of your amazon account within 2 business days. We may ask you to provide further information if necessary.

Thank you for your co-operation and support.
Please let us know if you need further assistance.
You may contact Customer Service by clicking ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the amazon website.
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