Biology I – Johnson

Biology 1


This Week Aug. 15-19

Mon: Get To Know Text wkst

Tues: Get To Know Text wkst

Wed: Ch 1 vocab; ch 1 wksts

Thur: Ch 1 Notes; ch 1 wksts

Fri: Ch 1 Vocab Quiz; ch 1 notes


Extra Credit

Extra Credit: Students have the opportunity to earn extra credit in biology I. Find a science related article, print off/copy the article, write a 2 paragraphs about the article (1 summary and 1 thoughts/reactions to the article). Turn in the paragraphs with the article for 5 EC points. Students may do a total of 4 articles per semester. The Extra Credit articles for first semester will be due the last day of regular class before final exams begin.

This Week Aug. 22-26

Mon: Ch 1 notes
Tues: Ch 1 Study Guide
Wed: Finish ch 1 SG
Thur: Go Over ch 1 SG
Fri: Ch 1 Test