Redbird Buddies



Redbird Buddies is a club that that creates opportunities for one-on-one friendships, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Redbird Buddies help to create an inclusive school climate for students and a community culture of acceptance.  You will become part of a growing movement of people with and without disabilities, dedicated to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to have a friend.


Club Information
All information regarding meeting times and gatherings you can get by speaking with Mr. Cooper or Mrs. Cooper.


Note To Parents
The best way to help participants in the program is to support buddy pairs in the formation of their new friendships.  Talk with your child about his/her new friends and ask questions.  Encourage him/her to continue the friendships and assist with making arrangements for Redbird Buddies pairs to spend time together outside of school.  If you are willing to volunteer your time to make flock/buddy pairs a success, contact Redbird Buddies advisors at school



Cooper, Jake

Cooper, Tabitha