The Spring 2017 MTHS Referendum is designed to …

  • Create a safe environment for all people that attend, work at and visit MTHS by providing take-cover shelters and securing entrances.
  • Reduce inter-class walking time and improve accessibility to make the school more safe, usable and traversable for all.
  • Create a strong foundation for college and workforce-ready students by improving academic facilities.

Our goal for the upcoming election is to provide information regarding the proposal to inform voters. Take a look the MTHS Town Hall Presentation and Referendum Brochure to view 3D images of renovations, tax impacts, the project timeline, and how improvements will impact our students and community.

For further questions contact Randy Toekpke (, and Sean O’Laughlin (

Town Hall Meetings Scheduled

Town hall informational meetings are scheduled throughout the community to present the MTHS Referendum, which is on the April 4, 2017 ballot. Representatives will outline the revised referendum sharing how it will impact our students and community.  Mark your calendars now to attend and have your questions answered!

*Monday March 6, 2017 7 pm Riverview Grade School
*Wednesday March 8, 2017 2 pm Snyder Village
*Wednesday March 15, 2017 7 pm Germantown Hills Fire Department

The February 22, 2017 town hall meeting is now available on digiMAX local channel 400/410HD.