The Transportation Office is open from 8 am until 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

School bus transportation is a service provided by the school to students who live more than 1 1/2 miles from the school. It is the goal of the Transportation Department to provide safe and reliable transportation on all of our school’s buses. Please contact Jared Hart if you have questions that are not answered below. You can also refer to the “Bus Conduct” section under “Student Expectations” in the Student Planner Handbook for more information.

Mr. Jared Hart
Director of Transportation
309-367-4151 x540

Transportation Department’s Frequently Asked Questions:

My child is new to the area. How do we find out what bus he'll need to ride and what time it picks him up?

You will receive this information during registration. You can also find bus information in your student’s Skyward account. Log in to Skyward. Click on “Student Information” (located on the left hand side), and then click on the “Bus Schedule” tab near the top where you will see your child’s bus number and pickup time. If you still have additional questions, please call Mr. Hart.


My child forgot something on the bus. Who can I contact about finding the lost item?

Call the Assistant Principals’ Office at 309-367-4151, option #2, to report the loss. The article will be traced from this point and you will be notified if it is found.


My child is having a rough time with another bus rider. Who can I contact to get this resolved?

Call the Assistant Principals’ Office at 309-367-4151, option #2, to report your concerns. The Assistant Principals’ Office will take the appropriate actions to resolve the situation.



My child wants to drive his/her car to school. What does he/she need in order to do that?

Parking spaces are limited and students are encouraged to car pool or ride the bus to school. Students who choose to park on school property must have a current parking permit issued by the Assistant Principals’ Office. Please contact the Assistant Principals’ Office for the proper paperwork to receive a parking permit. For more detailed information, please refer to “Student Parking Information” in the “Additional Facilities and Services” section of the Student Handbook Planner. For more information on the Drivers Ed program at MTHS, click here to go to the Drivers Education Department.