Basketball – Girls Freshman

Basketball – Girls Freshman


Please visit 8to18 for the schedule and online athlete registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why play basketball?

Basketball is the ultimate TEAM sport.  Our goals are to teach the fundamentals of the game, improve knowledge of the game, responsibility, developing an understanding of the work ethic needed to be successful, and developing relationships and support for all players/teams throughout the program.  We will do various team building activities and service projects throughout the season to develop team skills and the importance of volunteering.  Our philosophy in Basketball may bring us together, but our commitment and caring for each other as people and players driving us to doing our best for the team is what keeps us together.

When is the season?

The season runs from late October or early November through mid to late February.

When are open gyms?

Open gyms are in the summer in June and July and then in the fall, usually starting in October.

When is camp?

Camp is usually in the summer in the month of June.