MTHS Board Members

Board Members

Melissa Heil, President

Jay Springer, Secretary/Vice President

Paul Dean –
Diane Grebner –
Stefanie McAllister –
Chris Mettler –
Wendy Vogel –

May 2021 – April 2023 

Building Committee

Jay Springer, Chair
Paul Dean
Diane Grebner

Finance Committee

Wendy Vogel
Chris Mettler
Melissa Heil

Technology Committee

Stefanie McAllister, Chair
Jay Springer
Wendy Vogel

Policy Committee

Chris Mettler, Chair
Wendy Vogel
Stefanie McAllister

Parent Teacher / Safety Advisory Committee

Paul Dean, Chair
Stefanie McAllister
Diane Grebner

Superintendent Evaluation Committee

Diane Grebner, Chair
Jay Springer
Melissa Heil

All of the members of the MTHS Board of Education have completed the
mandatory 4 hour training required by the State of Illinois.