Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Metamora Township High School (MTHS) Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize athletes and coaches that have achieved noteworthy accomplishments in athletics.  Additionally, the Hall of Fame shall recognize outstanding teams as well as other individuals who have given high levels of meritorious service to the athletic programs of MTHS.

2022 Inductees

 Larry Finch - Athlete
Jared Grebner - Athlete
Lindsay Herman - Athlete
Joe Stamm - Athlete
Emily Von Feldt - Athlete
Ann Cowling - Coach
Kelly Willard - Coach
Pam Siefken - Friend of Athletics
1973 Football Team
1996 and 1997 Football Teams

2021 Inductees

 Mike Carr
Renee Guenther
Vicki Laird
Angela (Zimmerman) Poole
Kristin Rauh
John Sommer
1976 Football Team
1977 Football Team
1982 Softball Team
1990 Volleyball Team
2003 Boys Tennis Team

2019 Inductees

 Tom Guenther
Brad Herman
Jack Hoffman
Taylor Koehrsen
Angela Rego
Caleb TerBush
Mike Weber

Stephan Rauh
Steve Schroeder
Vic Friederich
1966 Football Team

2017 Inductees

Amanda (Duvendack) Young
Rick Hodel
Rick Lotz
Talva Parker
Larry Sommer
Joe Stieglitz
2007 Football Team
2008 Volleyball Team
2007 Volleyball Team

2016 Inductees

Tom Gillhouse
Dick Schertz
Jordan (Reynolds) Bastian
Kenny Robertson
John Helmick
2010 Softball Team
2010 Boys Tennis Team

2015 Inductees

Patty & Jim Ryan
Chuck Schierer
Bethany (McCoy) Carr
Scott Cardin
Aaron Zobrist
2003 Girls Cross Country Team

2014 Inductees

Margaret (Humphrey) Breitbarth
Chuck Danner
Andy Reeb
Jeff McKinney
Brenda (Hodel) Roley
John Weigel
1975 Football Team

2013 Inductees

Tara (Toepke) Ballard
Jeni Garber
Dan Hargis
Heather (Hoffman) Jenkins
Patrick Ryan

2012 Inductees

Karla Bartman
Dick Broers
Bob Garber
Gene Jones
Chuck Leonard
Mark Scheirer
Renee (Heiken) Slone
Marty Stromberger
Randy Toepke