College Application Tips

College Applications

Be sure to highlight each of the following three items on your college application.

  1. Your grades, especially if they are high

  2. All the extracurricular you have participated in, particularly those you have devoted the most time and energy in.

  3. Include those classes you have been most challenged by both personally and academically.


  1. Be sure to follow the directions on the application.  Do not improvise.

  2. When you are finished, double check to make sure you have everything filled out and all necessary forms included in the application.

  3. Have someone proofread your essays.

  4. Have all your recommendations in order.

  5. Follow the deadlines -do not procrastinate.


As you begin the college admission process, be aware that some schools log into Facebook and other social medias for more information about perspective candidates.  Now is the time to be reviewing what you have on your social media and clean it up for future employment, college and career opportunities.  Follow the link below to see an interesting article about how some colleges are using Facebook!

College Applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page Is Showing –