College Financing and Scholarship Tips

Financing and Scholarship Tips

Paving the path for the future comes with a cost. Continuing education can be expensive but there are ways to ease that burden. Next to picking the winning lotto numbers here are some suggestions:

The sooner you start saving the better. Check into college funds and investments early.  Save, save, and save!

Financial Aid

Senior Year:

  • Fill out the FAFSA-“Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” All students must fill this out to be considered for state and federal financial aid programs (this includes student loans and grants).

    • Many scholarships require that you also complete the FAFSA.

    • Apply online at:

  • You will need to request a FSA ID. The ID is your password to log-in your FAFSA application.

    • Do not be intimidated. It is lengthy but they are general questions.

    • You do not have to complete it all at once. You can save what you have filled in and return as many times as you need to.

    • You cannot submit it until October 1.

    • You and your parents will use tax information from the previous year.  The FAFSA requires an estimated income from your taxes.

    • Submit your FAFSA ASAP! Grant money runs out fast. MAP Grant money is sometimes gone within two months. You may still qualify for loans but the sooner you apply the better.


Apply for scholarships ASAP. Some scholarship tips are:

  • Check the daily announcements, in the guidance office and the guidance web page for scholarships.

  • Find out if your employer and/or your parents’ employers offer scholarships.

  • Check with any organizations, churches, etc. in which you are involved.

  • Local scholarships may be more promising because there is less competition.

  • Always check direct scholarships from the college you plan to attend.

  • For general scholarship searches explore scholarship search engines like:


  • Look at major corporation websites ex. Target, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, McDonalds etc.

  • Do a general search on the Internet. There are scholarships for all kinds of things, for example being left-handed!


    • Do not pay for any scholarship applications. They should be free.

    • Do not give bank account, credit card information or social security number. 

    • MTHS does not give out your information. 

    • You may be put on mailings when you give out your address.