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Attendance Regulations and Procedures:

In the State of Illinois, a 16-year old may obtain a drivers license only after successfully completing a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction.

In accordance with this law, the driver education department at Metamora High School has established the following attendance regulations:

  1. A student can only be absent a given number of days from the classroom before being dropped.  The number of days the student may miss will be determined at the beginning of each semester.  The students will be informed of this policy at the beginning of each semester.

  2. After 3 absences from behind the wheel driving, the student will be dropped from the driving schedule.

  3. If a student is in behind the wheel while in the classroom part and is dropped from the classroom, they will also be dropped from behind the wheel.

Requirements to enroll in Driver Education

In compliance with State Board of Education rules and regulations, driver education is open to freshmen and sophomores (depending on age) and students who have passed a minimum of 8 classes in the two preceding semesters prior to enrollment.  Driving is a privilege, and sixteen year olds must earn that privilege by taking and passing 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.  The driver education material and instruction is based on the concept of helping young people save lives.  Five basic concepts are taught within the semester course:

     1.  The driver and his ability to use judgment and reasoning to effectively react and drive defensively in varied driving situations.

     2.  Factors other than the driver:  car, roadway, weather.

     3.  Fundamental driving skills and maneuvers.

     4.  Effects of drugs and alcohol and driving.

     5.  Responsibilities for buying, maintaining and insuring a car.

Behind-the-wheel (BTW) driving will be scheduled by the Driver Education teachers rather than Guidance.  Driving will be scheduled before and after school, vacations, summer and limited time during the day.

Completion of Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel

 The #1 Question asked……….When Can I get my License??

Check the status of your permit by clicking on the “No More Blue Slips” linkOn, or after your 16th birthday you may go to any driver license facility in the state to obtain your license.  Be sure to have the following forms and identification with you when you arrive:1.  Driver’s permit, that has been issued at least 9 months ago.
2.  Parent log sheet with documented 50 hours of practice driving SIGNED BY A PARENT!
3.  Birth Certificate (must be original or certified copy) NOT hospital copy
4.  Social Security Card
5.  You must show proof of insurance on the car that you will be using for the driving test at the DMV.
6.  Two (2) pieces of mail containing applicants full residence address (not handwritten).
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