Foreign Language

Department Courses Illinois Goals and Standard


State Seal of Bi-literacy
MTHS students who achieve a score of 4 or 5 on the German or Spanish AP Exam are eligible for the Illinois Seal of Bi-literacy.  In addition to a seal that will be permanently affixed to the diploma, the following will appear on their transcript:  Attained the State Seal of Bi-literacy by demonstrating high proficiency in English and (German or Spanish).

A score of 3 earns a different seal and the following gadded to the transcript:  Attained the State Commendation toward Bi-literacy by demonstrating progress towards high proficiency in English and (German or Spanish).


Class Supply List
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Department’s Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Goals

Below are the minimum listening, reading, speaking, and writing competencies we aim to achieve in each of the courses offered by the foreign language department. In establishing these competencies we modified the ACTFL guidelines for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. Every outcome begins with, “The student should be…”